Deadlight: Director's Cut for PlayStation 4

Deadlight: Director's Cut

Jun 21, 2016
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Developer: Tequila Works
Content Rating: Mature


'Set in an apocalyptic 1986, a zombie outbreak has brought humanity to its knees. You play Randall Wayne, a father searching the destroyed streets of Seattle for his family. You’ll encounter many life-threatening situations, but combat isn’t always the answer against the undead, fight back using scarce resources or hide and sneak past them utilizing the environment.

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Apr 19, 2020

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Mike GuarinoJun 21, 2016
While some of the big criticisms that people had with the original version of the game still stand, Deadlight: Director's Cut still feels like a fresh take on the zombie genre 4 years later. It probably isn't worth a return trip if you've already played the original game, but if this is your first time checking out the Deadlight world then this version is definitely the one to get.
Steven SantanaJun 23, 2016
Deadlight: Director’s Cut has a chance to impress new players with its take on a zombie apocalypse. The art style helps to mask the age, but it can’t stop certain gameplay mechanics from feeling rough on these consoles. Those complaints aren’t enough to keep me from recommending this solid experience, especially given the additional content and low launch pricing.
Chandler WoodJun 21, 2016
Deadlight could have been a good game, and maybe four years ago I would have thought that it was, but players today expect a little bit more intelligent core game design in which death is a teaching moment rather than a cheap trick.