Dead Cells for PS4

Dead Cells (PS4)

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Dead cells puts you in control of a failed alchemic experiment trying to figure out what's happening on a sprawling, ever-changing and seemingly Cursed island. Tough but fair combat, responsive controls, challenging foes, permadeath and of course, the emergency panic roll to get you out of trouble, make for a demanding, visceral and cathartic action game.
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Dead Cells is a masterpiece. It is the marriage and apotheosis of decades of Metroidvania design and the surging popularity of difficult Roguelike games. It is exquisite in all ways. It looks phenomenal. It plays like a dream. It makes you want to keep coming back even when you fail.

Jeff Grubb Aug 06, 2018



It stalls progress in the mid-game a bit and can lead to a feeling of grinding your wheels. Besides that, though, Dead Cells is a phenomenal effort to blend together some very disparate genres into a tight, cohesive whole. It's one of the better examples of how to remix ideas without losing their individual strengths.

Daniel Starkey Aug 06, 2018

Video Gamer


In drawing from such rarefied company, Dead Cells lacks originality, but the game's true merit, along with its biggest weakness, lies in the perfection of its execution. Motion Twin has proven that the cells of the game's makeup are far from dead, but it's haunted by cells of a different kind – the shards of its design locked away in a series of established chambers.

Josh Wise Aug 06, 2018



Motion Twin thought of everything because Dead Cells records every parameter you can think of. Minute stats, playtime, progress, number of times you've killed certain enemies -- it even keeps track of your current run's time (hello speedrunners!). When I finally finished my first full run my heart was pounding.

Chris Carter Aug 06, 2018



Dead Cells is rewarding in its flexibility in a way few games are. Each easily digestible run through its beautifully detailed and shifting levels instills a feeling of discovery and familiarity. It goads you to push the limits of your ability, and mercilessly crushes you when you get too comfortable.

Brandin Tyrrel Aug 10, 2018

Gaming Bolt


All in all, Dead Cells gets plenty of things right and does a very nice job of linking together two different philosophies to create an organic extension of them. Dead Cells gives fans of metroidvania and rogue-lite games what they will generally expect from this game, and even a bit more with slick combat and an extremely intuitive progression system.

John Cantees Aug 06, 2018

PS Lifestyle


Dead Cells may not shift the genre’s trajectory or implement roguelike mechanics in any new or inventive way, but it remains a consistently exciting and thrilling experience, even when you’ve seen that rapier for the fourth or fifth time. It’s one of those games that’s a joy to play, but even more importantly, a joy to watch because it teaches you the fundamental truth about roguelikes (and maybe life as a whole): let go.

Jeremy Winslow Aug 06, 2018

Easy Allies

Michael Huber Aug 06, 2018

Push Square


Dead Cells has raised the bar for the rogue-lite genre going forward. A combination of astounding combat mechanics, an unfathomable amount of weapon variety, and a spectacular art style had us coming back for second helpings, while an array of enemies made sure we always had something new to dispose of. Dead Cells has delivered in every way imaginable, making it one of the PS4’s very best.

Liam Croft Aug 06, 2018



At first glance, Dead Cells might seem like another overhyped Metroidvania-style platformer trying to break into the stuffed platformer genre, but it’s actually worthy of all its praise. Motion Twin’s impeccable implementation of roguelike elements into a classic 2D exploration game is the key ingredient that makes it all work, and the impressive controls don’t hurt either.

Evan Slead Aug 06, 2018

Game Informer


Dead Cells is one of the more approachable and rewarding roguelikes I’ve encountered. Dying is never fun in games of this ilk, but the well-designed reward loop softens that blow and bolsters all subsequent runs, making the experience more about exploration and time committed than just player skill.

Andrew Reiner Aug 06, 2018



Dead Cells surpasses expectations regarding gameplay and destroys the developmental cap for pixel art games. It not only reinvents a genre that has seen little diversity in the last decade, it does so in a way that encourages everyone to invest time to improve and progress. The balance between permanent upgrades and complete wipe-out upon death is perfect, as it will never feel too discouraging to reset due to the optimism that the next run will see a further dive into the world.

Michael Keener Aug 11, 2018

Game Reactor


Simply put, Dead Cells blew us away with its bleak world and relentless combat. The mechanics work very well together, and the whole package feels polished and balanced. Sure you have to start over time and time again, but for us, that wasn't a negative. Every new run might offer a blueprint to a new and exotic weapon or item, gear which can help during later tries.

Leevi Rantala Aug 10, 2018


We just wish an extra effort had been made to move away from iteration and into something truly unique. Developer Motion Twin are clearly highly talented, but we hope their next game makes a clear break from imitating other people’s work and becomes something you really haven’t seen before.

GameCentral Aug 08, 2018

PS Universe


The best roguelike of this generation and a bonafide Game of the Year contender, Dead Cells is simply beyond peer and utterly, utterly essential for anyone that owns a black plastic box stuffed with silicon that has 'PS4' scrawled upon it.

John-Paul Jones Aug 06, 2018



De lo contrario, si eres de los que encuentra encanto en siempre tener niveles distintos por más artificiales que éstos se puedan sentir, debes de poner entre tus prioridades a este título, pues entiende a la perfección como explotar las bondades que lo random o aleatorio le traen a su estructura y fórmula.

Defa Aug 13, 2018



Es un juego tan grande, con tantos contenidos, tan bien diseñado y estudiado, con una jugabilidad tan adictiva y con un apartado audiovisual tan atractivo que nos resulta imposible cansarnos de él, convirtiéndose automáticamente en uno de nuestros juegos favoritos de este año. Todo un imprescindible que no deberíais dejar escapar.

Carlos Leiva Aug 06, 2018


Offrant un sacré paquet de possibilités à travers ses nombreuses armes et améliorations qui donnent toujours envie de recommencer, Dead Cells ne s'adressera en revanche pas à tous les publics. C'est bien dommage, puisque les joueurs peu enclins à l'acharnement passeront à côté de sa direction artistique sans faille portée par une bande-son de grande qualité. Une fois encore, le paradis se mérite.

Thomas Pillon Aug 06, 2018


Son game design nous semble aussi solide que les pierres qui ornent ce château maudit qu’il faut parcourir, ce qui n’est pas une métaphore choisie au hasard tant la dureté se dégage de l’endroit. Pour peu que vous ne soyez pas totalement réfractaire à la douce frustration de la mort permanente, cette épopée devrait vous faire perdre la tête pour de bon, à l’image de son étrange protagoniste principal. Pour le meilleur et pour le R.I.P.

Carnbee Aug 13, 2018

Spazio Games


Se a questo aggiungiamo una buona traduzione nella nostra lingua e una direzione artistica ispirata, ecco che il risultato finale non può non soddisfare chi cerca un buon metroidvania per questa estate: state solo attenti a qualche morte un po' ingiusta e a sporadici fenomeni di stuttering.

Gianluca Arena Aug 06, 2018


На Switch все не так просто. Несмотря на высокую цену в Nintendo-магазине, Dead Cells весьма играбельна в handheld-режиме — в случаях, когда нужно убить 10-20 минут на что-то, не требующее никаких умственных или физических усилий. В этом случае этот симулятор расстановки мышеловок прекрасно подойдет — и вы обнаружите, что держите в руках самую настоящую мобильную казуалку, которую разработчики так тщательно маскировали.

Александр Башкиров Aug 08, 2018

Merlin'in Kazani


Sona geldiğimizde Dead Cells’in nasıl bir oyun olduğunu merak ediyorsanız, mutlaka oynamalısınız. İzleyerek veya dinleyerek oyunun nasıl bir yapıda olduğunu, ya da size hitap edip etmediğini anlamanız güç. Parasını sonuna kadar hak eden Dead Cells’i şiddettle türü seven oyunculara tavsiye ediyorum.

Furkan Güler Aug 10, 2018



Het Castlevania-bloed dat door de aderen van Dead Cells pompt, vertaalt zich vooral in lekkere fysieke, tastbare combat en de runes die nieuwe paden openen. Doordat deze goed verstopt en sterk bewaakt zijn, kunnen de beginwerelden en het beperkte aantal typen vijanden per level repetitief zijn. Toch lonkt Dead Cells steeds met een nieuwe run… en nog één… en nog één.

Sander Noordijk Aug 06, 2018



Dla kogo poleciłbym ten tytuł? Z pewnością dla wszystkich fanów roguelike. To świetny zabijacz czasu, w który nie musimy grać nieprzerwanie wiele godzin. Wystarczy wolna godzinka, aby rozładować emocje w mrocznych dungeonach Dead Cells. Obecnie tytuł ten można dostać za 71,99 zł na Steam i według mnie jest to adekwatna cena do produktu, który zapewni nam bardzo wiele godzin dobrej zabawy.

Wojtini Aug 07, 2018