Dead Cells for PlayStation 4

Dead Cells

Aug 7, 2018

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Developer: Motion Twin
Content Rating: Teen


Dead cells puts you in control of a failed alchemic experiment trying to figure out what's happening on a sprawling, ever-changing and seemingly Cursed island. Tough but fair combat, responsive controls, challenging foes, permadeath and of course, the emergency panic roll to get you out of trouble, make for a demanding, visceral and cathartic action game.

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Jun 26, 2020

Very fun and fair metroidvania game with a lot of replayability.



May 22, 2020
Markus Malinen

Markus Malinen

Jan 16, 2020
Ricardo Tapia

Ricardo Tapia

Oct 23, 2019

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Chris CarterAug 06, 2018
Motion Twin thought of everything because Dead Cells records every parameter you can think of. Minute stats, playtime, progress, number of times you've killed certain enemies -- it even keeps track of your current run's time (hello speedrunners!). When I finally finished my first full run my heart was pounding.
Josh WiseAug 06, 2018
In drawing from such rarefied company, Dead Cells lacks originality, but the game's true merit, along with its biggest weakness, lies in the perfection of its execution. Motion Twin has proven that the cells of the game's makeup are far from dead, but it's haunted by cells of a different kind – the shards of its design locked away in a series of established chambers.
Evan SleadAug 06, 2018
At first glance, Dead Cells might seem like another overhyped Metroidvania-style platformer trying to break into the stuffed platformer genre, but it’s actually worthy of all its praise. Motion Twin’s impeccable implementation of roguelike elements into a classic 2D exploration game is the key ingredient that makes it all work, and the impressive controls don’t hurt either.