Dauntless for PlayStation 4


May 21, 2019
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Developer: Phoenix Labs
Content Rating: Teen


Behemoths draw their devastating power from aether, consuming the land and destroying our home. Hone your skills against challenging Behemoths. Hunt together and share in glory.

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Sep 16, 2020

Good free monster hunter world alternative <3

Jun 25, 2020

Muito bom para um jogo gratuito


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Erin CastilloMay 27, 2019
Despite these technical issues that reared their ugly heads throughout my time with Dauntless, and enemy movement that feels stale, the experience provided by the game is captivating and more than fun enough to keep you playing. Not only is the game gorgeous and the customization fun to play around with, but the hack and slash combat is a damn good time. There are definitely some things that the developers need to iron out, and should if they want to keep their impressive player base, but as it stands right now Dauntless has a very strong base that can be built upon moving forward
PramathMay 28, 2019
Dauntless hits the mark across the board, and delivers an extremely compelling and engaging monster hunting game that genre newcomers and veterans alike can enjoy.
Alec SandarMay 30, 2019
Dauntless’ cross-play feature is the final piece of the puzzle, which makes this game a serious pretender to the MMO throne as it already achieved critical acclaim on PC. Now, PS4 and Xbox One owners can join in on the fun, and they can all share the same servers and play together. The game looks and feels amazing, and it is a definite hit. All that paired with the fact that it is free-to-play makes it a definite must-try for all MMO action RPG single/multiplayer aficionados.

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