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Ethan WillardMay 14, 2019
Darkwood is a deeply unsettling horror game that turns night into your greatest enemy and makes players question what could be lurking in the dark. For any fans of the genre, this is an instant classic.
William WorrallJul 03, 2019
Darkwood manages to pull off horror to a truley stunning degree. What minor gameplay annoyances that there are in the game are more than covered for by the exploration and atmosphere.
Cian MaherMay 14, 2019
In Darkwood, there’s an item you can show several NPCs called "photo of a road." What’s interesting about this is that several of these entirely disparate wanderers have the exact same response to this curious snapshot. "Around here," they say, "all roads lead to nowhere." And as Darkwood’s forest is guzzled up by the rapidly encroaching night, roads are no longer places-between-places. Instead, they’re a communal necropolis, waiting for the creatures of the night to tribute more destitute dupes to its earthy, deathly soil.
Dalton CooperJun 03, 2019
Darkwood‘s story is twisted and full of weird characters and unnerving moments. The ultra-tough gameplay is likely to turn quite a few people off and it can be tedious, but those that stick with Darkwood will be rewarded with a memorable survival-horror game that will linger with them long after they’ve conquered its nightmares.
Fran SotoAug 15, 2019
When the title boasted "a horror game without jump-scares", I initially rolled my eyes. Most titles incorporate some kind of jump-scare to get a cheap reaction out of players. Even tastefully done jump-scares feel cheap to me because I'm not actually "scared," I'm just surprised. Darkwood succeeds where many other titles fail. It's a heart-racing experience that any horror fan worth their salt should attempt to survive.
Brad LangMay 14, 2019
Terrifying, addictive and constantly engaging, Darkwood is a joy to play and begs for multiple runs no matter how scared you are
Anthony BacchusMay 23, 2019
Darkwood is a challenging and rewarding horror game that will test even the hardcore survival horror buff. The gameplay loop of finding new and better resources by day and fending off horrifying creatures by night is surprisingly addictive. It hardly ever holds your hand and encourages experimentation and exploration of its atmospheric and haunting world.
Steve CMay 14, 2019
Darkwood is one of the most terrifying games I’ve ever played as it challenges you to explore and survive a dark and twisted world. Unravelling the mysteries of the night time horrors will consume you even before you try the permadeath mode. This comes highly recommended, but remember to wear your brown trousers.
Liam CroftMay 14, 2019
Darkwood is on the verge of greatness. The terrifying and foreboding atmosphere it manages to create is unmatched in the genre, while the scares themselves are earned and equally alarming. The experience is somewhat held back by gameplay annoyances, but they’re not enough to sway a recommendation.
GameCentralMay 16, 2019
An impressively original horror game whose doom-laden atmosphere and relentless day/night cycle is more terrifying than any jump scare.
Gary BaileyMay 14, 2019
From the sheer panic of losing your sense of direction as you frantically make your way back home before nightfall, to the increasingly unsettling events that take place during the long nights, Acid Wizard Studio’s brand of horror is nothing short of brilliant. Its story is sparse but intriguing, allowing you to focus more on the exploratory gameplay, and its masterful use of sound keeps the tension at an uncomfortable level throughout.
Alex LegardJun 02, 2019
Darkwood has an interesting world, a story that can go in different directions depending on your decisions, and a gameplay loop that's exciting at times and tedious at others. Its biggest weakness is how hard it can be to get to where you need to go and for that reason alone; I'm not entirely enthusiastic in recommending Darkwood. However, if you have the patience, why not give it a try?
Ramón VarelaMay 19, 2019
Es muy fácil entender el éxito de Darkwood: es una experiencia terrorífica que con pequeños detalles resulta innovadora. Quizás no tanto en las mecánicas de la supervivencia, vistas de una u otra manera en otros muchos juegos de moda, pero sí gracias a la logradísima ambientación que le da una personalidad única, que va calando poco a poco hasta llegar a los huesos. Temática, jugabilidad y argumento funcionan a la perfección.
David ArroyoMay 14, 2019
A los rasgos habituales de todo roguelike (niveles procedurales, complejidad, profundidad...), Darkwood suma una trama fascinante, un nivel de desafío que respira el aroma de la vieja escuela y una ambientación de survival horror difícil de superar. El control y sistema de combate tienen camino por recorrer y no es un juego apto para todos, ni mucho menos. Por momentos es confuso, implacable, sombrío, feroz, agotador y hasta torpe. Pero quizás sean precisamente estos elementos lo que hacen del juego una propuesta tremendamente desafiante y satisfactoria.
Jörg LuiblMay 27, 2019
Darkwood ist ein stimmungsvoller Horror-Geheimtipp für alle, die sich nach guter Regie, Überraschungen und spannender Erkundung sehnen. Zwar stehen auch Survival und Bastelkram auf dem Programm, aber man man fühlt sich fast an alte Rollenspiele und Adventure erinnert, wenn man düstere Räume und die Wildnis erforscht, dabei bizarren Kreaturen begegnet, Rätsel löst und versucht, die nächste Nacht zu überleben. Zwar gibt es nur simple Kämpfe, außerdem hat man es mit der Abnutzung der Waffen und dem Crafting etwas übertrieben.
Fabien PellegriniMay 20, 2019
Exigeant en toutes circonstances, Darkwood sait tout de même récompenser le joueur en fin de partie, puisque la séquence finale tient compte de ses choix et actions passés. Si vous souhaitez frémir devant votre console (la version Nintendo Switch reste d'ailleurs très lisible en mode portable), Darkwood peut être considéré au final comme une valeur sûre.
Gabriele CarolloMay 29, 2019
Darkwood è un’opera di assoluto pregio, capace di creare un senso di inquietudine profondo e pervasivo. Saper gestire così sapientemente minuti interi di apparente “vuoto” non è cosa da tutti, e in questi frangenti il titolo esprime tutto il suo potenziale, senza dimenticare gli elementi gestionali ed esplorativi. Su console, a soffrire è leggermente il gameplay, complice una mappatura dei tasti più macchinosa rispetto alla versione PC.
DottorKillexMay 17, 2019
Darkwood arriva a scuotere il panorama dei giochi horror indipendenti su console, grazie ad un buon lavoro di adattamento, capace di mantenere quanto di buono c’era nella versione originaria, senza che il gameplay risenta eccessivamente della mancanza dell’acoppiata mouse – tastiera. Anche su PS4, quindi, perdere l’orientamento nella fitta boscaglia, con qualcosa che ci rincorre e il tramonto che incombe, mantiene quel fascino sadomasochistico che pochi altri titoli al momento possono vantare.
Simone PettineMay 21, 2019
Il suo mondo di gioco ispirato e curato vi terrà compagnia per diverse ore: non eccessive, ma sufficienti per scolpirvi a forza nella memoria ricordi che saranno difficili da dimenticare. Il gameplay a base di esplorazione, crafting e barricate notturne funziona a meraviglia, e l'alto livello di difficoltà delle modalità di gioco più impegnative faranno la felicità di tutti i giocatori che pretendono una sfida senza compromessi.
Roy RijsdijkMay 26, 2019
Darkwood is een kleinere game die het risico loopt onder de radar te blijven voor velen. En dat is erg zonde, want het is een unieke ervaring en absoluut aan te raden voor mensen die van survival-horror houden. De sfeer is ijzersterk en jaagt je de stuipen op het lijf, ondanks de keuze voor pixelart en een top-downperspectief. Verdwalen in het bos was nog nooit zo eng!De spelelementen vallen op natuurlijke wijze samen en zijn slim uitgewerkt, van het verzamelen en craften tot aan het handelen en overleven in je schuilplaats.