Darksiders Genesis for PlayStation 4

Darksiders Genesis

Feb 14, 2020
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Developer: Airship Syndicate
Content Rating: Teen


From the dawn of creation, THE COUNCIL has maintained the Balance across existence. Carrying out their orders are THE HORSEMEN, Nephilim (powerful beings spawned from the unnatural union of angels and demons) who have pledged themselves to the Council and been granted immense power. However, this power came at a tragic cost: the Horsemen were ordered to use their newfound strength to wipe out the rest of their kind. What followed was a bloody battle on Eden where the Horsemen, obeying the will of the Council, annihilated the Nephilim. Still reeling from the events on Eden, WAR and STRIFE have been given a new assignment -- LUCIFER, the enigmatic and deceptive demon king, has been plotting to upset the Balance by granting power to master demons throughout Hell. War and Strife must hunt down these masters, gather information, and ultimately fight their way through a tangled, demonic conspiracy that threatens to forever upset the Balance and unravel all of creation.

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Ramesh Berkhout

Ramesh Berkhout

Nov 4, 2021

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Peter TriezenbergNov 13, 2021
While by no means the pinnacle of the series, it’s a more than worthy successor to Vigil Games’ legacy and a very enjoyable action-adventure title that fans will get a kick out of. I can only hope that Airship Syndicate will one day be able to finally give us the conclusion to this epic saga of Heaven, Hell, and the Balance between them.
Darryn BonthuysFeb 19, 2020
Irritations and annoyances aside, Darksiders Genesis is still fantastic stuff. It’s a reinvigorating return to form for the franchise, taking the best of the series and remixing it with a few new ideas that make for a great diversion over a dozen hours of escapism.
David GillFeb 18, 2020
Regardless of if you’ve played every Darksiders game or this is your first one, Darksiders Genesis is worth playing. The characters and combat remain fun and exciting to play even after the credits roll. While some enemies can be annoying, combat never gets dull and new items you earn along the way always make encounters fresh. Amongst the other big titles launching this spring, Darksiders Genesis is one that shouldn’t be missed.
Chandler WoodFeb 17, 2020
Darksiders Genesis is not Darksiders 4, but it’s still a worthwhile addition to the Darksiders saga. Isometric gameplay fits the Darksiders formula surprisingly well, and Strife is given a lot more character by having War by his side. Even War’s character was deepened through his buddy cop adventure with Strife, and it makes me excited for when the four horsemen’s paths all finally converge.
Dan WebbFeb 16, 2020
Darksiders: Genesis is a neat concept with a frankly bizarre execution. While the isometric viewpoint is cool during certain scenarios – namely Strife’s twin-stick shooter gameplay – everything else doesn’t really fit, especially the awful platforming. It’s not a bad game, it’s just not a very good one.
Jenni LadaFeb 14, 2020
Darksiders Genesis isn’t a bad game. It has a lot of potential to it and there are some things it does well. I especially liked the twists to its story. The problem is that it is pretty clear it didn’t get the same level of attention as its predecessors. Elements of its design makes it feel like corners were cut in an effort to get things done as efficiently as possible. This can mean some platforming segments are difficult to get past and a little perhaps the puzzles could have actually been challenging.
Liam CroftFeb 13, 2020
What may have been a solid experience a few years back feels too stale in 2020. Darksiders Genesis is completely competent in its own right, but it doesn't do enough to differentiate itself from previous iterations despite a change in perspective. Combat is a highlight and the Creature Core system provides some depth, however, they're about the only two features we can muster any enthusiasm for.
GameCentralFeb 13, 2020
Darksiders Genesis is one of the most pleasant surprises we’ve played in recent months, and feels absolutely at home on consoles, despite launching only on PC and Stadia last December. It may lack the endgame substance and build diversity that some hardcore gamers will be looking for, but as a self-contained narrative within a larger whole, it’s well worth the investment for fans of the franchise.
Mick FraserFeb 13, 2020
It’s just a better fit on console, perhaps given the franchise’s roots, and it arguably would have sold better had it been released here first. Either way, Genesis is an exceptionally fun and well-made game that manages to feel completely at home in the greater franchise despite the difference in presentation, and it comes highly recommended for fans of the series.
A.J. MaciejewskiFeb 17, 2020
Even though I'm a tad disappointed with Darksiders Genesis, there's no denying how solid of a game it is. Plus, it's fantastic that its cooperative component is handled as well as it is because playing it with a chum is definitely the way to go.
Joe ApseyFeb 13, 2020
Darksiders Genesis is a rousing achievement, taking the pillars of the franchise and bringing them to a new genre and perspective. That shift is pulled off almost to perfection, creating one of the better games in the franchise and a satisfying and rewarding combat experience with a lot of meat on its bones.
Alejandro PascualFeb 19, 2020
Encontramos la misma obra que ya nos sorprendió hace unos meses, con una excelente combinación de acción, exploración, puzles y plataformas. Es cierto que no todos los niveles están igual de conseguidos, y que los enemigos pueden llegar a tornarse algo repetitivos, pero es fácil dejarse seducir por sus combates y secretos. Por tanto, repetimos: no descartes a Genesis tan pronto, ya que puede llegar a sorprenderte.
Juan RubioFeb 14, 2020
Darksiders: Genesis es un juego muy divertido, sobre todo en cooperativo, que recomendamos a cualquier amante de este tipo de aventuras. Como os contamos en nuestro análisis de la versión de PC, es un juego repleto de contenido, con muy buenas ideas y muy Darksiders, y no queremos que la cámara os haga pensar lo contrario.
Francisco Alberto SerranoDec 05, 2019
Darksiders Genesis es una buena manera de salvar los muebles y ofrecer ese prometido cuarto juego que termina de introducir a todos los jinetes. No es un título que eleve la saga, ni la lleve a nuevas fronteras, y seguramente los muy fans desearían que la introducción de Strife hubiera sido más apoteósica, o al menos más en la línea de otras entregas. Pero no resulta reprochable que los cuatro juegos de la serie beban de influencias distintas y tengan personalidad propia, más que ser simples secuelas; le confiere una una cierta originalidad al conjunto.
Xavi MogrovejoDec 04, 2019
Para aquellos que quieran seguir conociendo las aventuras sangrientas de los cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis, Darksiders Genesis es de visita obligatoria. Por el contrario, si lo que se busca es la fórmula habitual de la saga, puede decepcionar bastante.
Marcel KleffmannFeb 17, 2020
Obwohl das Spiel auf kooperative Partien für zwei Personen ausgelegt ist, hinterlässt es im Solo-Modus einen ordentlichen Eindruck, jedoch fehlen dann natürliche Synergien und komplexere Rätsel. Nach den 15 Stunden war ich zwar enttäuscht, dass es schon vorbei war und einige Stellen noch etwas rau und unfertig wirken, aber als Ableger bzw. Experiment ist Darksiders Genesis mehr als einen Blick wert, besonders im Koop-Modus.
Florian ZandtDec 04, 2019
Das isometrische Hack & Slay ist ein Segen für die leicht angestaubte Spielereihe – tollen Protagonisten und flottem Spielfluss sei Dank.
Jonathan BushleApr 22, 2020
Darksider Genesis abandonne la formule classique à la Zelda de la série pour adopter une caméra en vue de dessus et un gameplay perdu quelque part entre le hack'nslah et twin stick shooter, la faute à ses deux héros, Guerre et Discorde, aux styles de jeu très différents. La réalisation est clairement un cran en-dessous des épisodes canoniques, mais cela fonctionne, et ce d'autant plus que l'univers Darksiders reste toujours très séduisant en termes de folklore et de design
Damien GreffetFeb 26, 2020
Darksiders Genesis s’avère être un très bon titre, malgré ses nombreux défauts. Avec un level design plutôt inspiré, et un gameplay renouvelé par l’utilisation d’une nouvelle formule qui mêle habilement Hack’n slash et twin stick shooter, le titre accroche rapidement le joueur.
MrderivDec 04, 2019
Sous l’angle d’un Action-RPG nerveux, Darksiders Genesis permet au quatrième cavalier de faire une solide entrée dans la saga. Si le titre se heurte à quelques défauts de finition lors de sa sortie, il combine avec réussite l’action frénétique propre à la licence et ses traditionnelles phases d’énigmes et de plateformes pour un résultat au final plus proche d’un Darksiders 1 que d’un Diablo. Dotée d’une superbe direction artistique, la proposition d’Airship Syndicate est qui plus est surmontée d’une cerise sous forme de mode coopération jouable en ligne ou en local à deux personnes.
DottorKillexFeb 13, 2020
Darksiders Genesis è un dungeon crawler atipico, con forti elementi platform e puzzle, che si lascia giocare con grande piacere e che ha nel peculiare sistema di crescita, nella varietà di situazioni e nello splendido accompagnamento musicale i suoi punti di forza. Consigliato tanto agli amanti della prima ora del franchise quanto ai neofiti, che potrebbero scoprirvi una saga troppo spesso sottovalutata nel corso degli anni.
Christian ColliFeb 13, 2020
Se Airship Syndacate avesse scritto una storia più avvincente e curato il finale sottotono, Darksiders Genesis sarebbe stato un titolo ancora migliore. Si tratta comunque di un esperimento riuscito con una durata di tutto rispetto anche in versione PlayStation 4. Limando qualche sbavatura, il team di Joe Madureira potrebbe tranquillamente sfruttare questa nuova impostazione per riunire i quattro cavalieri nel capitolo finale che attendiamo da quasi dieci anni.
Alessandro Arndt MucchiDec 08, 2019
Darksiders Genesis è uno spin-off convincente, che riesce ad avere una sua personalità schivando agilmente il paragone con Diablo o Torchlight e mantenendo il clima tipico della serie. Menare demoni regala grandi soddisfazioni, e il prezzo budget sembra davvero azzeccato visti i contenuti del pacchetto offerto da THQ Nordic. Si tratta del classico esempio di totale maggiore della somma delle parti visto che, per 30 euro, si chiude un occhio su alcune sbavature per concentrarsi sul divertimento.
Daniele DolceDec 04, 2019
Quando funziona, Darksiders Genesis riesce a offrire un’esperienza ludica particolarmente divertente e coinvolgente. Purtroppo i tanti problemi tecnici che affliggono l’ultima fatica di Joe Mudureira e compagni, uniti ad alcuni scivoloni non da poco in sede di progettazione, fanno sì che il titolo targato Airship Syndicate non riesca a garantire che tutto fili liscio dall’inizio alla fine. Un vero peccato perché Darksiders Genesis ha dalla sua diverse carte vincenti che purtroppo non vengono giocate nel modo giusto.
Denis KoshelevFeb 17, 2020
Я бы мог больше рассказывать про Darksiders Genesis, но не буду. Почему? Дело в том, что всё это мы уже видели. Genesis не привносит ничего нового в жанр, и никак особенно не запоминается. Она порадует поклонников мифологии Vigil Games, однако точно не убедит скептиков переменить своё мнение о франшизе. Невольно напрашивается вопрос, а не пора ли отправить серию на заслуженный отдых?
Сергей УланкинDec 16, 2019
Genesis хронологически предшествует событиям основных частей и пробует для Darksiders новое наполнение. Во время игры Раздор и Война регулярно обсуждают некое задание, на которое отправлены их коллеги, так что о них мы еще должны услышать. В конце нам покажут оставшихся двух всадников — намек на Genesis 2? У Genesis есть потенциал дать развитие серии и составить понятный геймплейный стержень, которого не хватает номерным частям Darksiders. Жаль, что этот потенциал не был использован с первой попытки.
Theo WeberFeb 18, 2020
Ondanks het gemis van een vier speler co-op, is Darksiders Genesis veel meer dan een simpele spin off. Luuc gaf het al aan in zijn Genesis review: de game is 'een uitstekende toevoeging aan het actie-RPG genre'. Ondergetekende vult dat graag aan met het feit dat de game trouw blijft aan de franchise en toch een frisse wind doet waaien.
کسری کریمی طارMar 05, 2020
Darksiders Genesis در همان پانزده دقیقه اول از کل Darksiders 3 بهتر است و نشان می دهد چرا باید Airship Syndicate وظیفه ادامه این سری را برعهده بگیرد. اگر از دوستداران نسخه اول و دوم داکسایدرز بودید یا اینکه به عناوینی همچون دیابلو علاقه دارید ؛ Darksiders Genesis توقعات شما را کاملا برآورده می‌کند.
Πλάτων ΠέππαςFeb 24, 2020
Συνοψίζοντας, το Darksiders Genesis δεν αποτελεί σε καμία περίπτωση κακή αγορά ή προσθήκη στο franchise. Ναι μεν η απλούστερη μάχη αλλά και τα ατοπήματα της κάμερας μπορεί να ξενίσουν υπό συνθήκη, όμως η προσθήκη co-op είτε σε τοπικό επίπεδο είτε online αναπληρώνει στον τομέα της διασκέδασης.

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