Dark Souls III for PlayStation 4

Dark Souls III

Apr 12, 2016
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Developer: FromSoftware
Content Rating: Mature


Dark Souls 3 concludes the Dark Souls trilogy, bringing players back into the haunted landscapes and supreme challenges associated with the series.

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Jan 26, 2021
Probably the best game in the "Souls" series to date, "Dark Souls 3" does basically everything right. The world is huge and weird and ghastly; the combat is intense, brutal, and satisfying; the gameplay and mechanics highly refined and customizable. It's the complete Souls experience; a must-play for action fans willing to test their skills against some of the toughest enemies in video games.
Nov 16, 2020
Wonderful combat with great soundtrack and mysterious storyline, which is very attractive to me. In conclusion, my first souls game is super amazing.
Jun 30, 2020
The souls series was one that was close to my heart. This was my least favorite game but that doesn't it was average. This was a well done game, the combat being improved from the prior titles. I believe the series had a good ending.

What made the souls game good!? It's lore, the excellent combat and it's difficulty. Every thing you expect is present in this game. I had did have a blast playing with my friends mostly co-op. I know the memories gonna remain for a long time. You have probably played it, if you haven't you should definitely try.

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Lee BradleyApr 09, 2016
The Dark Souls games remain a high-water mark for the action RPG. Uncompromising, occasionally infuriating, yet constantly rewarding for those with the correct level of patience and dedication, Dark Souls III is a fitting end to a fantastic trilogy.
Chloi RadApr 04, 2016
Weapon arts allow stylish and versatile new moves without tarnishing the purity of the combat system. Lothric’s awe-inspiring locations provide visually stunning arenas for rigorous exploration and fierce face-offs with hosts of deadly enemies and even deadlier bosses. While not all the risky changes land as neatly as others, Dark Souls 3 is a powerful journey and the sequel the series truly deserves.
Jim SterlingApr 04, 2016
Any player who’s been through this mill is prepared to die, but once more, that fantastic beacon of hope urging players to press forward and overcome each obstacle is shining as bright as ever. Because that’s what Dark Souls is all about – perishing, persevering, and prevailing. No game series comes close to doing what Dark Souls does, and Dark Souls III has done it again. It’s an undead favorite.

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