Dark Eclipse for PlayStation 4

Dark Eclipse

Sep 25, 2018

VR Content

Requires Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Game Info


About this game

Developer: Sunsoft
Content Rating: Teen


This is for the MOBA Players. Play in VR without the boundary of a 2D screen. Control three characters, called Leaders, build towers and destroy the enemy base. Developed by a team of MOBA and RTS lovers. This is a game by MOBA gamers for MOBA gamers.

Critic Reviews

4 Reviews
Kevin OhannessianOct 11, 2018
I also had some of the usual online play issues during my time with Dark Eclipse: Matchmaking sometimes took more than 3 minutes, and the occasional dropped session that ends a match prematurely. Such issues will hopefully be ironed out for Season 1. But for those who want to try another genre, or mashup to be more specific, and think they might like a slower game where players take their time to implement a strategy, than Dark Eclipse is worth a look.
Paulmichael ContrerasOct 01, 2018
Dark Eclipse has a good foundation, with a good outlook for the future. New players to the genre may struggle at first, given the extra-light tutorial that expects players to figure out mechanics on their own, without so much as a codex to read about the five different tower types. Since online is a ghost town, the only real option for practicing is to play against AI, or in an online-only match against a friend.
Julien InvernoNov 30, 2018
Dark Eclipse est donc le premier MOBA du PSVR. Le jeu Sunsoft propose une direction artistique, des musiques, et globalement une immersion convaincantes, mais le genre même du jeu ne semble pas vraiment se prêter à cette manière de l'aborder, manette ou PS Move en mains. Son trop grand manque de précision et son contenulimité à de simples batailles contre l'I.A. ou des adversaires en ligne jouent également en sa défaveur.


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