Danger Zone 2 for PlayStation 4

Danger Zone 2

Jul 13, 2018

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Danger Zone 2 takes the crash testing action out of the Test Area and onto real public roads. A high speed driving game featuring speed, traffic and crashes, Danger Zone 2 lets players loose onto the Freeways of the USA, the Motorways of the UK and the Autovias of Spain. Using advanced real world physics and the power of Unreal Engine, Danger Zone 2 lets players ‘crash for cash’ and compete against each other to cause the most chaos on the road.

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Matthew KatoJul 26, 2018
Like the first game, Danger Zone 2 isn’t helped by its sparse feature set. Multiplayer consists only of leaderboards (not even pass-the-controller multiplayer) and there’s no progression system apart from medaling to unlock the next level. Danger Zone 2 takes necessary, if limited, steps beyond its predecessor with new pieces that fit nicely into the structure of chaos. It makes a spectacle all right, but it’s fleeting.
Ken BarnesJul 16, 2018
Beyond the addictive, puzzle-like challenge of hitting those high scores, there’s a fantastic sense of speed here. When you’re belting around in the F1 car, just scraping past trucks and getting through minuscule gaps in the traffic, things feel suitably rewarding. It’s just such a kick in the airbags that for every time that feeling reveals itself, there are two more times when you’ll be frustrated by one of Danger Zone 2’s bugs or general inconsistencies.
Alex EverattJul 17, 2018
Hopefully, the game will receive some post-release content as the original did. It might not be an overly long game, but it still has some genuinely enjoyable moments and some of the challenges will take a lot of practice to complete. If you’re a fan of Danger Zone or those old Burnout games, then Danger Zone 2 is an easy recommendation.

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