CRYSTAR for PlayStation 4


Aug 27, 2019
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Developer: FuRyu
Content Rating: Teen


For when I weep, then I am strong. Battle through Purgatory as Rei to help save her sister in this Action RPG. Switch freely between four playable characters, and uncover each one of their pasts to see the sorrows they have endured. Power up your attacks and armor by shedding tears. Confront the Torments before they overwhelm you by spending time in your room reading a book and petting your dog. Whatever you do, don't dry your eyes. You'll need your tears to summon your Guardian and overcome the true villians of Purgatory!

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Sep 6, 2019

I like the game cause of how much drama and twist there is to it the best part is how long the game is and is pretty much fun


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Chris ShiveAug 27, 2019
Crystar pairs an original and compelling story with fairly average gameplay. The repetitive nature can become tedious, especially during the later parts, but the narrative concept is interesting enough to push the player to guiding Rei to the end of Purgatory. This is one of those games where the recommendation would have more to do with the level of personal interest in the story than anything else as that’s the most noteworthy feature in an otherwise good but unremarkable action RPG.
Lucas RivarolaAug 20, 2019
I was ready to be done with Crystar after its first 15 hours and leave somewhat satisfied, but the last chunk of the game really soured the rest of the experience. I was willing to give a pass to the stiff combat and the average writing precisely because it was building up to be a tighter, more entertaining experience. However, by artificially extending the length of a game that didn’t even make good use of its extra time, Crystar’s faults end up being impossible to tolerate and very easy to loathe. I really wanted to like Crystar, but I guess I couldn’t find much light in its darkness.
Cameron HawkinsAug 20, 2019
Even though it might just look like another game featuring teenage anime girls, that didn’t make the narrative any less compelling. What made Crystar‘s story so impressive was how it always kept me on my toes. Always introducing new plot points when I kept thinking I had everything figured out. While there was a lot to keep in mind, everything that happened in the story made sense. The narrative of Crystar is worth experiencing because of how real and relatable it is. It’s just a shame that the rest of the game couldn’t have been on the same level.

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