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kigaaJun 09, 2017
Crossout reminds me of the first vehicle I owned, which was a 1970s Volkswagon Beetle hand-me-down. It didn’t look like much at first and it definitely had its share of problems, but I had a lot fun driving it. Soon I discovered that the more time I dedicated to fixing and upgrading it, no matter how monotonous, the more fun it became. Some problems were never fixed, but eventually I was proud enough to take my custom car out in public and show it off.
André ErikssonJun 16, 2017
There is nothing ground-breaking about Crossout, and it has some flaws here and there. Despite all this, it is a solid experience that really captures exactly what the people who are going to be interested in a game like this are looking out for. It puts importance on everything in the game, and it is difficult to pick away specific aspects that aren't interesting when playing it. While it is the biggest strength of the game, it is also its biggest flaw. It is like a meal; you have to eat the veggies before getting the dessert, whether you like it or not.
Sam BishopJul 12, 2017
More in-depth modes would definitely be appreciated in the future, to make what is a fun and destructive battler into something a touch more complete.
Antonio GilaJul 24, 2017
Incluso con sus fallos, y entendiendo que estamos ante un título free-to-play, Crossout nos ha gustado. No inventa nada, ni se puede decir que sea excesivamente original, pero su apuesta resulta divertida y profunda, con una gran variedad de vehículos y unas batallas interesantes. Se echa en falta un manejo más pulido, un mejor sistema de evolución, así como un apartado técnico que consiga entrar por los ojos, pero nos hemos divertido con él, y todo ello con un título gratuito.