Crossing Souls for PlayStation 4

Crossing Souls

Feb 13, 2018
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Developer: Fourattic
Content Rating: Teen


An old-school action adventure with RPG touches. Explore, solve puzzles and fight against an army to avoid a war between worlds.

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Vincent Rpl

Vincent Rpl

Apr 23, 2021

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Jimmy DonnellanFeb 19, 2018
Ultimately, Crossing Souls will appeal to anyone who wants a wackier and interactive version of Stand By Me with some unique gameplay quirks to keep things relatively fresh throughout, or at least until its mediocre closing stages. The stream of references may be worth the low price of admission on their own, but I found that too much of it fell flat for me to fall completely in love with it.
Javy GwaltneyFeb 13, 2018
Crossing Souls is a inventive thrill ride that embraces clever, varied gameplay and heartfelt storytelling to coalesce into a gem of a game. As someone rarely wooed by ‘80s nostalgia grabs, I found an enchanting world worth exploring in this great adventure.
Stephanie ChanFeb 15, 2018
When you peel back the aesthetic, though, Crossing Souls is a little disappointing. I wish they had done something more with the ’80s setting beyond just sprinkle in a few references here and there. It’s cool that Egyptian mythology plays a part in the story, but it felt tacked on.

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