Crisis on the Planet of the Apes for PlayStation 4

Crisis on the Planet of the Apes

Apr 3, 2018

VR Content

Requires Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Content Rating: Mature


5 years since its outbreak, the Simian Flu has wiped out half of humanity. You are an ape with advanced intelligence, captured and held prisoner in a remote scientific facility. Climb, jump and shoot through the chaos of an apocalyptical world to escape with your fellow apes and return home.

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Boo StewartMay 05, 2018
It all comes down to a lack of refinement. If the developers had polished what they have, kept up the early promise of those creative, dramatically dense opening scenes, or explored the untapped potential of an ape with a machine-gun as they do during a brief section where you must shoot while climbing, Crisis might’ve been something special. But as released, it’s just another in a long tradition of bad tie-in games, generic and, worse, an aggressive waste of the player’s time.
Samuel GuglielmoApr 16, 2018
I can’t say I expected much from Crisis on the Planet of the Apes, but I found myself pleasantly surprised by what I did play. I’d hope other VR games will take notes on the shooting and climbing mechanics. However, awkward movement and a short run time does drag the game down some. Still, I think there’s enough here that it’s worth checking out for both fans of the movies, and anyone looking for something new with their VR headset.
Calum MarshApr 11, 2018
Clumsy, superficial, and in many ways fundamentally broken, Crisis On the Planet of the Apes is an often infuriating VR game that plays like a bad arcade rail shooter from the early ‘90s. Far from reaching the artistic heights of the rebooted film series in whose world it takes place, it takes a silly, action-heavy approach to the material that doesn’t respect your intelligence.

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