Contrast for PlayStation 4


Nov 15, 2013
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Developer: Compulsion Games
Content Rating: Teen


You play as Dawn, the imaginary friend of a little girl, Didi, and you have the power to shift from the 3D world into a 2D shadowscape, by becoming your shadow. As Didi’s imaginary best friend, you must use your shadow shifting abilities to solve complex puzzles, in order to help Didi investigate the secrets that lie behind her troubled family.

Critic Reviews

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Chandler WoodDec 05, 2013
A description of the gameplay, the setting, and the story all seem great in theory, but my short time with Contrast left me with more disappointment than satisfaction, particularly on the gameplay side of things. A little more attention and polish, along with more difficult puzzles and a longer run time would have done this game a lot of good, but perhaps the concept can come to better fruition in a future title.
Dan StapletonNov 13, 2013
Contrast is a game full of heart, beauty, and at least a few excellent puzzles. It’s at its best when it marries its poignant story to its platforming, and at its weakest when it’s about moving boxes, but it rarely goes very long without showing us something worth playing.
Graham BanasNov 19, 2013
A relatively short excursion into the lives of Didi and her imaginary friend is ruined by an astounding number of bugs. While Contrast is worth completing for the sake of seeing the gorgeous scenery and hearing the exceptional soundtrack, don't expect to have any real burning desire to play this game again over the coming months.

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