Contra: Rogue Corps for PlayStation 4

Contra: Rogue Corps

Sep 24, 2019
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Developer: Konami
Content Rating: Mature


Two years after the Alien Wars had ended, a mysterious area called the Damned City arose from the grounds where the final battles took place. Ruthless Fiends roamed the area, bringing a world full of madness. In the midst of chaos, 5 scoundrels emerge...they are the ROGUE CORPS. They do not look anything like heroes of justice, but have they come to save humanity, or maybe they are looking to hit the jackpot by searching the Damned City for treasures...either way, the fate of the world is in their hands.

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Kai PowellOct 01, 2019
I enjoy twin-stick shooters, especially ones that include different weapons and persistent progression, and can usually endure even ones that could use more polish. Despite my established predisposition to view the genre favorably, Contra: Rogue Corps often left me frustrated more than feeling like a badass. There’s a glimmer of greatness hidden far down below the layers of gore and craziness, so perhaps if you have a higher tolerance than I to the negative aspects, there can be something to enjoy about Contra: Rogue Corps.
Stephan AdamusSep 24, 2019
The game looks like a PS3 game. The character aesthetic is fun, but everything else is pretty bland. The story is serviceable but ultimately forgettable. It was cool to see that they made Contra: Rogue Corps a direct sequel to Contra III: The Alien Wars for Super Nintendo, but the tone is just too bro-ish and the plot too generic. The comic book-style motion art for the story sequences is ok but ultimately appears like a budgetary compromise.
Lucas WhiteSep 25, 2019
By injecting actual, creative humor instead of edgy cynicism or boring references, Contra: Rogue Corps really has a personality of its own despite most of the storytelling living in the background. And while some of the progression can feel like a grind, the loot systems get cute and tie into the theme, which is more than I can say for most other boilerplate loot systems. Add smooth and productive multiplayer modes to the mix, and you have a game that can easily soak up a game night or two. I know all the Konami drama was rough for a while there folks, but this is good stuff.

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