Color Guardians for PlayStation 4

Color Guardians

May 12, 2015
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Developer: Fair Play Labs
Content Rating: Everyone


Color Guardians is an exciting fast action side scrolling game that combines quick thinking with frantic gameplay into a hard to master challenge! Switching colors and collecting items, all while avoiding obstacles will surely test your reflexes!

The colorful world of Terra Color has been turned to a dark and sad place by the dark powers of the evil color thief Krogma. The only ones capable of restoring the world to its original state are a colorful bunch of characters made of paint called the Color Guardians.

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Darren NakamuraMay 12, 2015
Building up to that is a fairly dull experience, not without challenge but certainly without excitement. If it had ended just before the final boss, it would be a forgettable runner that underdelivers on a good idea. After that terrible fight, I actively disliked it. Play this if you like a challenge and have patience to get to the good stuff, but don't even bother finishing it.
Jason VenterMay 13, 2015
All too often, though, the stages are designed in such a way that you're tricked into failing, and any technical issues stand out more than they might elsewhere because precise timing and concentration are so vital to success. You can always rebound after failure, but sometimes it's difficult to muster the energy to do so when part of you knows there's bound to be another trick of some sort waiting just a few screens away. It's all very pretty, sure. It's just not worth it.
Mark LabbeMay 12, 2015
I don’t often play a game and immediately go through it again after finishing it, but I did that with Color Guardians. Thanks to its fun and bright graphics, truly difficult levels, and different scoring systems, I found myself playing each level again and again in an effort to get all three stars or get a high score for the leaderboards.

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