Cities: Skylines - PlayStation 4 Edition

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Jowi Girard-MeliAug 15, 2017
Cities: Skylines is an impressively-detailed simulation, to be sure, and it’s a lot of fun once you start to get things up and running, with the caveat that getting it up and running is a lot easier said than done.
Daniel NewSep 11, 2017
Cities: Skylines takes a classic game design template and updates it with minimum fuss and considerable style. It might not be the type of game you’d normally want to take over the family TV, but it’s hard to imagine a better console execution.
Cory WellsAug 17, 2017
Cities: Skylines – PlayStation 4 Edition brings an excellent city-simulator to consoles offering an amazing interface and excellent visuals. Everything is straightforward in terms of gameplay and the game feels like a modern take on the older and excellent versions of Sim City. While the console version may lack some of the content the PC version does, there is more than enough here to keep anyone busy.
Cade OnderAug 16, 2017
Cities: Skylines is the spiritual successor to Simcity you've been waiting for.
Sam TurnerOct 16, 2017
Despite significant early niggles with guidance and pacing, Cities: Skylines manages to create a nurturing environment in which a player has the freedom to really engage and love their city. There is a genuine connection between the game and its constructor. With a complex design system expertly hidden behind an inviting and easygoing experience, people can find peace within the expansive landscapes and that is a rare thing in what is usually a high stakes and stressful simulated experience.
Sam BrookeAug 15, 2017
With Cities: Skylines, developer Colossal Order has laid the foundations for the city-building genre to return to consoles. Simple controls, immeasurable details, and accessible gameplay all ensure that the urban planning sim is a fun yet challenging experience.
Jordan BiordiDec 19, 2017
Cities: Skylines is an excellent game for anyone looking for a serious project, with an amazing zen-factor. Like Harvest Moon, or more recently Stardew Valley, there is nothing more satisfying than sowing the seeds of an idea and watching it grow into something prosperous.
Neil BoltAug 15, 2017
To have Cities: Skylines on PS4 is wholly welcome. It may suffer slightly for the transition, but what makes it a wonderfully accessible and engrossing city builder is still there. It may be a touch simple for the sim enthusiast, but it has the ability to draw a wider audience into the genre, and that’s something to be happy about.
Elisabeth LópezAug 15, 2017
Cities Skylines llega a PS4 para hacer las delicias de los fans de los juegos de gestión y construcción urbanística con una edición que incluye de serie el DLC After Dark. No obstante, a pesar de ser una edición notable, que no incluya el resto de expansiones o no se pueda gestionar algunos apartados hace que no llegue al sobresaliente.
Alberto PastorAug 16, 2017
Cities: Skyline se adapta bien a los circuitos de PS4 y Xbox One conservando intacta la frescura que lo ha convertido en uno de los mejores videojuegos de construcción y gestión de ciudades de los últimos años. Pese a la enorme cantidad y variedad de opciones que pone en nuestras manos, nunca fue tan fácil y divertido levantar de la nada una gran ciudad.
Mathias OertelAug 15, 2017
Bis auf leichte Defizite bei Steuerung und Kulisse eine saubere Umsetzung des PC-Städteplaners, bei der in erster Linie die fehlenden Add-Ons oder Editoren stören.
[87]Sep 10, 2017
Si vous avez le choix, nous recommanderons plutôt la version PC de Cities Skylines qui, grâce aux mods, aux nombreux DLC et à la maniabilité clavier / souris est plus riche et complète que son homologue console. Cependant, nous ne pouvons que saluer le travail d'adaptation effectué sur ce portage, qui profite d'une refonte maline de l'interface permettant de ne pas souffir de la navigation au pad.
Tommaso ValentiniAug 15, 2017
Cities: Skylines PlayStation 4 Edition è un titolo importante, non solo perché è uno di quei giochi davvero semplici ma al contempo profondi ma soprattutto perché va a riempire un vuoto lasciato scoperto da troppo tempo su console. L'adattamento al pad PlayStation 4 è pressoché perfetto e la semplicità delle meccaniche di gioco favorisce l'esperienza complessiva, non risultando mai frustrante o particolarmente ostica.
Valentino CinefraAug 15, 2017
Cities: Skylines – PlayStation 4 Edition è ottimo. È attualmente il miglior city builder in circolazione, e lo è anche di più nel mercato console vista l’assenza di concorrenti. Rinunciando alle casualità e agli elementi “giocosi” di Sim City, Cities: Skylines offre una gestione realistica e coerente del tessuto cittadino. Tanti elementi da tenere in considerazione ed altrettanti da gestire in ogni momento di gioco.