Cars 3: Driven to Win for PlayStation 4

Cars 3: Driven to Win

Jun 13, 2017

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Content Rating: Everyone10+


The road to becoming a champion starts with this first look of Cars 3: Driven to Win! Speed into the world of Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm and other beloved characters as you determine your path to racing mastery!

Critic Reviews

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Tanner PierceJun 21, 2017
All in all, Cars 3: Driven to Win is one of the better titles in a sea of movie tie-ins. You won’t find any groundbreaking stuff here, but the game is definitively above average for what it is, and an easy kart racing recommendation for families. I don’t know if I could necessarily recommend it right now with it’s $60 price tag, but if you see this game discounted even by $10, it’s definitely worth picking up.
Dominic LeightonJul 24, 2017
Cars 3: Driven to Win is a fun and eclectic racer, and one that boasts plenty of content that’ll keep fans of the films happy for many hours, especially younger gamers who may well overlook some of the flaws. It’s a shame then that the game’s poor performance, lack of polish and often unfair difficulty level make it that much harder to recommend to anyone else.
Stephen TailbyJul 21, 2017
When all is said and done, Cars 3: Driven to Win is a decent arcade racer that fans will enjoy. The racing is good fun once you get a handle on it, and we can see kids having a great time with the family in its four-player split screen.

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