Carmageddon: Max Damage for PlayStation 4

Carmageddon: Max Damage

Jul 8, 2016
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Developer: Stainless Games
Content Rating: Mature


In this game the car’s the star! Select from over 30 metal mangling vehicles designed for the job in hand; wrecking opponents and killing pedestrians! Fiercely customised to destroy everything in their path, each has its own highly distinctive character with a deranged driver to match!

Critic Reviews

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Jason BohnJul 08, 2016
The structure and play of the Carmegeddon titles have always centered around being a beautiful mess; Max Damage is no different. The folks over at Stainless Games obviously “get it” in ways that developers of other goofy racers never did. While this game is a reworking of Reincarnation, this should actually be viewed as the final form of that less than stellar outing. So much so that owners of that title should find this added to their library at no charge.
Tom OrryJul 08, 2016
This is yet another cash-in designed to pull the wool over your eyes. Poor games don't deserve your attention, no matter how much you liked something in the past.
Ryan McCaffreyJul 13, 2016
Carmageddon: Max Damage feels like it was designed in and for the year 1999, which on paper is a noble goal when trying to revive a franchise. Unfortunately, in practice it just doesn’t work, instead reminding us that time moves on. Max Damage is a collection of ideas that looked good on paper and sounded good in its Kickstarter pitch, but in practice it would only have been an acceptable sequel if it’d come out in 1999.

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