Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Eclipse for PlayStation 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Eclipse

Apr 19, 2016

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This game requires the base game Call of Duty: Black Ops III to play.

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Developer: Treyarch
Content Rating: Mature


In the latest episode of the Zombies experience, the Origins characters head to 'Zetsubou No Shima', a tropical island where experiments with Element 115 have created horrors beyond belief. Battle your way through four stunning Black Ops III Multiplayer environments: Spire, Knockout, Verge and Rift.

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Trevor HoustonApr 25, 2016
Black Ops 3 fans have already downloaded the new maps and no question they’ll be satisfied. This isn’t the best Call of Duty downloadable content I have played but it isn’t the worst either. Eclipse isn’t going to bring Black Ops 3 owners who have stopped playing the game back into the online arena, but it’s certainly good enough to keep things moving until DLC number 3 drops.
Chris CarterApr 19, 2016
It's not as impressive as Der Eisendrache or the aforementioned Shadows of Evil though. This is mostly due to fatigue from the same cast that has been around since World at War, as there's only so many times you can hear Steve Blum call a zombie a "freakbag" before your eyes start to roll in the back of your head. I really liked seeing Heather Graham kick Lovecraftian ass in the base Black Ops III map.
Sam BrookeApr 25, 2016
While the Verge and Knockout multiplayer maps have a lot of personality and are excellent fun, Rift and Spire are pretty dull. As for the zombie map, Zetsubou no Shima will prove rewarding for any dedicated Easter egg hunters and secret scavengers, but it's lost the heart of what CoD Zombies is all about, and it'll put many a player off.

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