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Anthony GomezMay 09, 2017
That being said, Butcher is a tough one to recommend to everyone. It does a lot of things right, but still feels like the sum of its parts don’t quite add up. When it comes down to it your enjoyment of Butcher will directly correlate to how quick and nasty you like your games. But if quick n’ nasty sounds good to you, you’re in for it, because Butcher is awfully quick and wonderfully nasty.
Chris McMay 15, 2017
This grim, pixellated gorefest successfully channels the spirit of 8 and 16 bit shoot-’em-ups but doesn’t stand up to sustained play; spend too long with it in one sitting and it starts feeling like an infuriating grind. Yet dip into it a level or two at a time – the earlier levels in particular – and you’ve got yourself an enjoyable, fast paced chunk of old-school shoot-em-up action.
Ken TalbotMay 10, 2017
It’s brief, chaotic, and hard as nails, but this is a glorious throwback that every fan of 90s shooters should pick up. Brutal and loud, BUTCHER makes for a suitable companion to last year's excellent DOOM reboot.
Aran SuddiMay 15, 2017
Butcher is a game that will mainly appeal to those who like hardcore shooters, where one wrong move can cost you progress. For others, that style of play could prove frustrating, especially when testing your platforming skills. Though it’s built around the idea of being a relentless killing machine, that doesn’t really feel fully realised with most enemies on a par with you when it comes to dealing damage.
Ramón VarelaMay 09, 2017
Butcher es un contundente shooter lateral que encantará a los aficionados a la acción pura y el gatillo fácil sin más aspiraciones que a pasar un buen rato eliminando todo lo que se mueve, siempre y cuando toleren la ultraviolencia de su contenido –suavizado por el hecho de utilizar gráficos muy pixelados-. Por otra parte, apenas presenta algo novedoso al género, salvando el efecto de la sangre, y los niveles no están especialmente trabajados. El sistema de tiros sí transmite intensidad; las plataformas son más corrientes y la interfaz no es nada clara. Un diamante en bruto que podría ser algo mucho más memorable corrigiendo sus errores.
Mathias OertelMay 10, 2017
Bei dem zweidimensionalen Pixel-Aussehen sorgt sowohl die graubraune Farbgebung als auch der treibende Soundtrack umgehend für Quake-Assoziationen, wobei generell das gesamte Projekt als Retro-Hommage an die id-Shooter der 90er Jahre betrachtet werden kann. Auf Dauer vermisse ich zwar Abwechslung ebenso wie Highscore-Listen, doch die gut 20 Abschnitte bieten ebenso brachiale wie solide Unterhaltung zu einem fairen Preis.
Francesco CoricaMay 10, 2017
In conclusione, non possiamo dire che BUTCHER rivoluzioni il mercato videoludico. Ma complessivamente il titolo ci ha divertiti ed è decisamente positivo, nonostante la grafica povera e qualche dettaglio a livello di gameplay che poteva essere gestito meglio. Un gioco sicuramente non adatto alla massa, ma che dovrebbe regalare soddisfacenti ore di divertimento a quei giocatori in cerca di una sfida.
Theo WeberMay 11, 2017
Doordat eigenlijk alles in BUTCHER eenvoudig maar goed uitgewerkt is, blijf je de game maar spelen. Het tempo ligt lekker hoog en de moeilijkheidsgraad ook. Tenzij je de game op Casual speelt, maar dat telt eigenlijk niet. De game is niet alleen een heerlijk eerbetoon aan DOOM, maar ook een erg goede uitlaatklep voor stress na een dag op het werk. En dat voor slechts een tientje!


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