Burnout Paradise Remastered

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Jeff GerstmannMar 19, 2018
Every aspect of the base game feels designed to work well with every other aspect. The cars are fast and most of them drift at the tap of your brake, and there are sweeping curves ready to accept those drifts. The shortcuts lead you some wild places, jumping and smashing your way ahead of the pack. By comparison, most driving games feel like a compromise between trying to design a real city for you to race real cars in while also trying to make an exciting video game.
Ken BarnesMar 15, 2018
It’s a game where “50 wins to go” appearing on screen feels almost like a reward as opposed to some Herculean task where you’ll get bored and give up. That’s all because of one thing: Burnout Paradise was a very good game and remains so to this day. The sense of speed persists, the challenge on offer – if you approach it correctly – is plentiful and rewarding, and fooling about online in Paradise City with your buddies is still a great time.
Sammy BarkerMar 18, 2018
On the title’s tenth anniversary, Burnout Paradise Remastered is a timely reminder that – like Avril Lavigne – this arcade racer can still do it better than all of its contemporaries. Seriously, there’s no other like it, so when’s it going to sink in? The only real downside is that the pricing’s stupid – what the hell is EA thinkin’?
Richard WalkerMar 13, 2018
Burnout Paradise Remastered represents a more than welcome comeback for a series that's been away for far too long. Given a lustrous new coat of paint, Burnout Paradise still looks the business then, but now it's got us yearning for a whole new Burnout.
Pramath ParijatMar 21, 2018
Incredible sense of speed, tight controls, satisfying gameplay unlike anything the industry has been able to offer since, gorgeous graphics that miraculously manage to hold up to this day, an incredible soundtrack, a sense of style and atmosphere that is unmatched in the industry, an impeccably designed open world that is a monument to game design and still a delight to unravel
Bradley RussellMar 11, 2018
Burnout Paradise Remastered is ultimately a paradox. Equipped with a purring, powerful new under-the-hood upgrade, the game delivers a pure driving experience that is on-par with many of its contemporaries in the looks and feel department. Unfortunately, it’s also running on well-worn tires. Some of the quirks, acceptable in 2008, haven’t been ironed out, and the game can feel sparse and comparatively tiny when scaled against later titles.
Michael RuizMar 20, 2018
Burnout Paradise Remastered is a breath of fresh air for the racing genre. It takes the realistic aspects of racing and throws them out the window with fast and furious driving that feels great. The sense of speed achieved as you zip through the streets of Paradise City listening to Soundgarden’s ‘Rusty Cage’ is truly astounding. It’s both frantic and fun. There are some frustrating moments and the visual upgrade isn’t as big of a leap as I would like, but there is still a lot to enjoy. After finishing a few events, you’ll wonder why the franchise has been gone for so long.
Nathan BirchMar 13, 2018
Burnout Paradise Remastered is like a finely-tuned vintage car – sure, it’s quirky and a bit archaic, but those concerns melt away once you get behind the wheel and rev that engine. Blasting around Paradise City is exciting, rewarding, and a great low-stress tonic for when modern game design gets you down. Oh, you’ll be pleased to take this one home.
Adam CookMar 15, 2018
Ten years on, this is still one of the best arcade racers out there. Hours will be lost just flying around the map being a nuisance, and a few old fashioned decisions won’t dampen the excitement from playing a game this fast and furious.
TuffcubMar 12, 2018
It may a look a little basic compared to recent titles, but when it comes to gameplay Burnout Paradise still thrashes the competition. The racing is sublime, the stunts are spectacular, and there’s always something to do round the next corner. It has one of the best soundtracks of any game – and yes that includes Avril – it’s just a shame that some of the mechanics are dated and clunky.
Jackson NewsomeApr 02, 2018
In the end, it was worth it to take a spin around the remastered Paradise City. Burnout has never looked better. The genre-leading gameplay fills a void left wide open since the series’ absence in recent years. For the uninitiated, and for those who also need to scratch that destructive racing itch, Burnout Paradise Remastered is probably the best option on the current generation of consoles. For everyone else, I recommend a rental or purchase only after a price drop. I sincerely hope EA is hard at work on a new entry.
Graham BellarsMar 16, 2018
So Burnout Paradise Remastered isn't the 4K marvel we perhaps hoped for, but it is still an immensely fun and chaotic racer packed full of cars, events and side activities to keep you playing for a long, long time. The standard rules apply; if you loved Burnout Paradise the first time around you'll enjoy returning to the streets of Paradise, they haven't changed much... but that's why it's paradise. And if you haven't yet... as D.J. Atomika puts it: "Welcome to Paradise City".
Bryan CalhounMar 20, 2018
That all depends on you, and how much you enjoy racing, jumping, and drifting with friends. Burnout Paradise Remastered is at its best when you can talk about sports, politics, movies, love or lust while drifting around a corner and lining up a jump. It is true that a playground can provide fun to a community regardless, but it is always a little lonely when you are the only one there.
John-Paul JonesMar 16, 2018
Look, it's really simple, Burnout Paradise Remastered is essential for fans of racing games everywhere. They just don't make them like this anymore (but they really, really should).
Juan RubioMar 09, 2018
Nosotros nos lo hemos pasado genial jugando a Burnout Paradise, y si bien creemos que el mundo abierto rompe el frenetismo y la intensidad que caracterizaba la saga, también disfrutamos redescubriendo el magistral diseño con el que Criterion inició una revolución. Como auténticos fans de la saga, nosotros habríamos hecho las cosas de otra manera, pero preferimos quedarnos con lo bueno: Burnout está de vuelta, y esperamos que este remaster sea el principio de algo grande.
Álvaro CastellanoMar 13, 2018
Aunque es de justicia reconocer que en algunos aspectos Burnout Paradise ha envejecido un poco, lo cierto es que su fórmula de velocidad y frenetismo sigue siendo bastante actual. El de Criterion mantiene su condición de "seguro de vida" para garantizar una sesión de risas y diversión con el cerebro en punto muerto. No obstante, hablamos de una remasterización y ahí el trabajo de remodelación no está a la altura del original. Hay más resolución, contamos con todos los DLC y encontramos también algún ligero aumento en el detalle de las texturas… ¿Suficiente? Tú decides.
Mathias OertelMar 14, 2018
Es hätte allerdings noch viel mehr sein können, wenn man aus Remastered einen „Director’s Cut“ gemacht hätte, der sich mit der modernen Hardware einiger der alten Probleme annimmt. Der Wagenwechsel ist immer noch unnötig kompliziert, die Richtungshilfen bei Rennen werden weiterhin zu spät eingeblendet und mittlerweile wirken die Straßen der fiktiven Adrenalin-Metropole zu leer.
la_redactionMar 14, 2018
Burnout Paradise Remaster n'a rien perdu de sa folie et il n'a pas pris une ride... du moins en termes de plaisir de jeu. Pour un « remaster », le travail de retouche est plutôt léger et les chirurgiens esthétiques ont eu la main légère sur le bistouri. Certes le jeu est plus fluide puisqu'il passe à 60fps, mais le traitement de l'image est assez inégal et offre un gain peu conséquent par rapport à la version originale. Un titre à réserver uniquement à ceux qui n'ont plus la possibilité de jouer à Burnout Paradise, donc.
PipomantisMar 22, 2018
Burnout Paradise est toujours l'un des meilleurs épisodes de la série et malgré une certaine fainéantise dans l'entreprise, Stellar Entertainment porte mine de rien l'un des plus beaux bébés de Criterion sur les bécanes du monde moderne. Le nourrisson est gras, flamboyant, un peu foutraque et les années n'ont en rien altéré le plaisir de crâmer de la gomme sur l'asphalte de Paradise City. Ne reste plus à espérer que Stellar se secoue un peu le fessier pour réparer son bringuebalant portage, ou qu'Electronic Arts continue de maintenir en vie les serveurs de l'épisode vanilla.
Maxime ChaoMar 20, 2018
Bien sûr, depuis, tous les jeux de courses à monde ouvert ont repris peu ou prou la même formule, mais avec a conduite tellement explosive de ce Burnout et les Takedown à réaliser partout, quand on veut, c’est quand même un peu la panacée. Plaisir coupable, même si on n’oublie pas que ce remaster reste quand même assez léger par rapport à ce qui se fait aujourd’hui.
Vincent Elmer-HaerrigMar 23, 2018
Ce Burnout Paradise Remastred est un portage fainéant de son illustre aîné. Si on se félicite d'avoir ici la version la plus complète du titre, on ne peut que regretter qu'il n'y ait pas eu quelques retouches sur son ergonomie. À ce tarif, on dispose donc de la plus belle et la plus complète version d'un jeu dont le gameplay a 10 ans d'âge... mais qui reste excellent, on le répète.
Abílio RodriguesApr 21, 2018
A versão Remastered prova que Burnout Paradise é um jogo clássico intemporal, que contraria uma tendência de mercado voltada para os simuladores mais puros e focados na colagem à condução real. Se Velocidade Furiosa pudesse ser comparado a um videojogo, seria certamente a este, e não tenho dúvidas que vos vai oferecer várias horas de diversão pura.
Domenico MusicòMar 17, 2018
Burnout Paradise Remastered è la riproposizione in ultra definizione di un titolo che ha segnato la storia del genere, mostrando all'epoca quali potessero essere le evoluzioni più logiche - riprese di sana pianta da più o meno chiunque si affacci oggi nel mercato. Vengono raggiunti i 60 fps in scioltezza, e ciò per la tipologia di gioco e per la frenesia che lo contraddistingue è di certo un punto a favore.
Nonostante qualche acciacco dovuto ai dieci anni sulle spalle, Burnout Paradise si difende benissimo ancora oggi. Certe scelte di game design pagano un po' il peso del tempo passato e dell'evoluzione degli open world avvenuta nel frattempo. Ma la bellezza di Paradise City è ancora viva e gli si perdonano certe lungaggini in favore di un grande senso di libertà e di tante cose da fare mentre si preme il piede sull'acceleratore.
Tommaso ValentiniMar 16, 2018
Burnout Paradise è un remaster senza infamia e senza lode. Non c'è un vero sforzo produttivo da parte di Electronic Arts e Ghost Games che si sono limitati a fare il loro compitino, a proporre il 4K su Xbox One X e PlayStation 4 Pro e a portare i tanto desiderati 60 FPS su tutte le altre versioni. Soldi facili, facendo una colta citazione, di cui però questa volta ci si può lamentare solo in maniera marginale.
Олег БеляевApr 11, 2018
К несчастью для современных геймеров, Paradise не предлагает ничего кроме драйва и визуальных безумств. Однако те, кто скучает по былым временам, получит просто прорву удовольствия. Безумно жаль, что современные аркадные гонки в большинстве своём слишком вылизаны, блестящи.
Федор СивовMar 19, 2018
Переиздание преподносит классику в лучшем виде. Со всеми дополнениями, среди который локация Big Surf Island, наборы байков, игрушечных машинок, культовых автомобилей из «Команды „А“», «Охотников за привидениями» и «Назад в будущее». Графику подтянули до достойного уровня — мы об этом уже писали в сути: похорошели текстуры, освещение, появилась поддержка всех актуальных разрешений.
Marc De HaasJun 29, 2020
De naam Remastered doet het dan misschien wel geen eer aan op de Switch, maar de grafische stap terug zorgt ervoor dat je een van de betere racegames in een lekkere 60fps kan spelen op de Switch. Het prijskaartje is alleen zeer pijnlijk, waar je hem op andere platforms veel goedkoper kan kopen.
Maarten de KwaadstenietMar 16, 2018
Burnout Paradise Remastered is op de eerste plaats een nostalgietrip, maar ook een game die zich prima kan handhaven anno 2018. Het is niet de mooiste open wereld racegame van dit moment, maar nog wel altijd verdomd verslavend en de hoeveelheid content die je krijgt is fors te noemen. Daarbij heeft de game een goede visuele upgrade gekregen en is het zeker geen luie port. Daar staat wel tegenover dat de game voor rond de 40 euro verkocht wordt, wat in mijn opinie aan de hoge kant is.
WojtiniMar 17, 2018
Burnout Paradise Remastered sprawdza się idealnie jako odświeżona wersja gry z konsol poprzedniej generacji. Fani tego tytułu, którzy posiadają teraz PS4 lub Xbox One będą zachwyceni ponowną wizytą z mieście Paradise. Poprawione tekstury, przy braku ingerencji w gameplay, są tym czego gracz może wymagać od remastera.