Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

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Paulmichael ContrerasApr 06, 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is a fun trip down memory lane. A bloody, violent, slick memory lane. While the game is showing its age even (or perhaps especially) when upscaled to 4K resolution, the fun of the original shines through. The addition of more challenges will bring back vets of the original, and multiplayer might even be worth another trip. Fans of the original should consider picking this up, while those who skipped the original should give it a go as well.
Louis ContaldiApr 10, 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is a blast from the past in some amazing and awful ways. Despite a horrific ending sequence, the gunplay, graphics and frame rates are enthralling even compared to current FPS games — an easy recommendation for those who missed out the first time. You will just find yourself wishing People Can Fly polished up some more archaic points of the game that drag down the experience.
Mike GuarinoApr 06, 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is easily the definitive version of the game, and if you’ve never picked up the game previously then now is the perfect time to jump on board. Its fantastic Skillshot system and unique weapons make it still feel fresh six years later, and People Can Fly have done a great job touching it up for modern hardware. The previous issues still apply, but overall it’s a stylish FPS that fans of the genre looking for something outside of the box should enjoy.
Jim SterlingApr 12, 2017
The remaster itself, tragically, is really quite good. It runs beautifully in 4K at a smooth 60 frames-per-second, with characters and environments that still look striking today. Aside from some occasionally buggy ally A.I., it’s polished up nicely, and I wish I could say it was worth rushing out to buy.
Alexander ThomasApr 06, 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is a great experience for mature FPS players and is sure to delight. Non-stop, high-octane combat, colorful characters, and slick graphics make it an experience that gore loving gamers can definitely get behind. It carries plenty of co-op multiplayer options, a highly replayable campaign, and some fantastically slick graphical improvements. Adding the Duke Nukem DLC is icing on the cake to what is already a stellar experience.
Peter GlagowskiApr 06, 2017
If you only ever experienced the original on consoles, though, Full Clip Edition might be more enticing. It speeds up the framerate, includes all the DLC, and even provides an insane new way to experience the campaign. Whether or not Duke adds to that is yet to be seen, but at least the main package lives up to its title.
Scott ButterworthApr 06, 2017
For longtime fans, Full Clip Edition doesn't offer much to be excited about. Additions like Overkill Mode and the upgraded visuals are certainly welcome, but fundamentally, this is the same game they already played in 2011. That said, the experience absolutely holds up: the skillshot system remains wildly fun and inventive, the weapons are still a gruesome joy, and the writing...well, it's as distinctive as ever.
Lucy O'BrienApr 06, 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is a great-looking remaster of a still fun, ridiculously over-the-top shooter from last generation that pokes fun at the genre while introducing its own distinctively violent, melee-heavy playstyle. On the other hand, it’s almost completely devoid of new content, which makes it less attractive for returning fans who were hoping for anything more than a facelift.
Samuel GuglielmoApr 06, 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition has a solid eight-hour campaign that is still one of the best offered in an FPS even five years later. Sadly, the other modes don't hold up very well and the new Duke Nukem stuff is ultimately a bust. Still, if you haven't played Bulletstorm, this is a great opportunity to do so.
Richard WalkerApr 06, 2017
Not played Bulletstorm before? Then the Full Clip Edition is pretty much essential. Played it and finished it? In that case, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is worth revisiting for a second time, although the smattering of added extras might not necessarily be reason enough. Still, Bulletstorm is still good, dirty fun that will punch you square in the crotch.
Sam SpyrisonApr 06, 2017
Full Clip Edition represents the most complete and enhanced way to experience Bulletstorm, as some smart additions and an improved presentation help breathe new life into the 2011 FPS. Many of the game’s issues from the past still remain, as some questionable one-liners and depth-lacking modes are still present for this 2017 remaster. But the core FPS combat still remains one-of-a-kind among its fellow shooters, as the high-flying action urges to be experienced by both veterans and newcomers alike, as long as you’re willing to get your boots a little dirty.
Ethan ButterfieldApr 26, 2016
Despite the rocky start from its initial release in 2011, it looks like Bulletstorm is back on track with an overall decent remastering that fixes a lot, but leaves a little something to be desired. Still, this is definitely a title I had fun going back to and indeed, will have fun replaying again.
William LoweryApr 19, 2017
Even six years after its original release, Bulletstorm is still a wickedly fun shooter whose greatest strength is its skillshot system. With it, the combat becomes not just fun, but also quite creative, since it rewards players who think outside the box in regards to killing enemies. Fortunately, the story, minus its cliff-hanger ending, is surprisingly good, considering it could have been only a paper-thin plot for which to hang the gameplay on. Although the title does lack replay value and the extra modes won't hold one's interest for long, the core meat of the game is its biggest, and greatest, strength.
Alex StintonApr 06, 2017
It's really puzzling that in the past six years there hasn't been a lengthy procession of titles ripping off Bulletstorm's excellent skillshot system. Whether you're pulling enemies onto a cactus with your leash or slide kicking them into a furnace, this novel approach to causing carnage will keep you experimenting way past the conclusion of its hugely enjoyable campaign.
Chris WhiteApr 06, 2017
If you never had the privilege of playing this when it came out originally, now’s the perfect time to give it a go. It’s action-packed and smarter than it may appear, plus Duke Nukem is in it!
GameCentralApr 10, 2017
The graphics have polished up very nicely, but as you can see there are no substantial new features to justify the very optimistic asking price. It was certainly worth that much the first time round though, and if the game hasn’t got any better in this edition we’d argue it hasn’t got any worse either. If this remaster is supposed to be leading up to a sequel then we’re all for that, but we do worry that being full price has ensured that Full Clip is going to be another undeserved failure.
Jake DurasamyApr 06, 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition brings back a mixture if beautiful visuals and fast-paced first-person gameplay that we’re rarely treated to. The Duke Nukem add on also works surprisingly well too, with Duke’s dialogue working well alongside Bulletstorm’s blend of phallic jokes and crass humour, even if he does look out of place in the game’s cutscenes.
Neil BoltApr 06, 2017
A fairly competent remaster of one of the last generation’s most underappreciated shooters, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Editon reminds us that dumb fun doesn’t mean no creativity. For anyone who’s already played it, there’s not much new to make this an essential repurchase, but if you see it for a lower price down the road, grab it.
Alfonso ArribasApr 11, 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition es un videojuego diferente que pasó desapercibido para muchos jugadores en su momento y que ahora vuelve con un renovado aspecto visual y buenos añadidos jugables, manteniéndose tan divertido como lo recordábamos. Es por ello que, pese a que solo llega a España en formato digital para Xbox One, PlayStation 4 y Steam, si guardas un gran recuerdo o no lo jugaste en su momento, ahora tienes una muy buena opción.
Juan GarciaApr 07, 2017
Por sí mismo se trata de un juego recomendable, frenético y bastante divertido, sobre todo en lo que se refiere a su campaña. Sin embargo, las novedades que presenta esta versión son escasas, y se limitan mayormente a lo visual, y se le nota el paso del tiempo en determinadas costuras jugables (no hay salto, las barreras invisibles, la linealidad extrema de la propuesta...).
DefaApr 06, 2017
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition es una remasterización sumamente digna que resalta todas las partes buena de este FPS. Su trabajo en cosas como texturas, conteo de polígonos y aumento de framerate, sí convierten a esta versión en la definitiva. Por supuesto que al final no pasa nada si este título está fuera de tus prioridades, sobre todo tomando en cuenta las grandísimas experiencias que marzo nos dejó; sin embargo, en caso de que estés buscando algo ligero para despejar la mente después de una gran aventura, entrarle a este juego puede ser una buena opción… y claro, puedes jugar como Duke Nukem.
Alejandro PascualApr 06, 2017
Bulletstorm Full Clip edition es una remasterización correcta con algunos añadidos interesantes, aunque tampoco muy significativos. Es sobre todo una buena oportunidad para aquellos que quieran conocer un buen shooter que merecía más reconocimiento la pasada generación, con las ventajas técnicas propias de la presente.
Daniel QuesadaJul 04, 2017
Con todo, Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition es un juego de claroscuros, pero indudablemente divertido e interesante para los que busquen alejarse de los ahora más habituales enfoques Deathmatch. No os hará explotar la cabeza con sus novedades, pero sí os robará alguna sonrisa ante las burradas de estos canallas espaciales.
Mathias OertelApr 11, 2017
Bulletstorm inszeniert immer noch äußerst unterhaltsame Action und hat nur wenig von seiner ursprünglichen Faszination verloren. Vor sechs Jahren bereits ein angenehmer sowie unkomplizierter Run-und-Gun-Gegenpol zur damals wie heute vorherrschenden Military-Ballerei, funktioniert das mit Waffenaufrüstung und Munitionsbeschaffung verbundene „Kill-mit-Skill“-System immer noch sehr gut.
la_redactionJul 07, 2017
Attention à ne pas voir un messie du FPS dans Bulletstorm qui se "contente" de remettre au goût du jour et avec humour le FPS bourrin au possible. Abordable comme un vaste défouloir ou comme un titre dans lequel vous pourrez vous creuser la tête pour dénicher la meilleure façon de dévisser celle des autres, Bulletstorm aurait sans doute mérité un mode multi plus étoffé mais saura vous faire jubiler bêtement pendant des heures. Concernant l'édition remasterisée, autant dire qu'elle ne change pas grand chose à l'exception du coup de jeune visuel. La Full Clip Edition n'en reste pas moins un achat à considérer si vous êtes en mal de FPS bien dégagés derrière les oreilles.