Broforce for PlayStation 4


Mar 1, 2016

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Developer: Free Lives
Content Rating: Mature


When evil threatens the world, the world calls on Broforce - an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force. Battle alone or online with four-player co-op and bring down anything that stands in the way of freedom!

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Jun 13, 2019

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Zack FurnissMar 14, 2016
After finishing the too-long campaign, there's an Ironbro mode (where each Bro only has one life) and a level editor to tinker with. It seems robust, but I didn't spend much time with it. This all adds up to a decent amount of bro-time if you really want it, but I'm fairly certain whoever you play this with will end up being a not-bro for a little while. Broforce could have been a fun "Hoo-rah 'Murica" romp, but it comes with artificial difficulty and bugs that aren't worth dealing with.
Joey ThurmondMar 08, 2016
Fine-tuned visuals and audio serve to make its patriotic bent all the more entertaining, and even though performance issues knock the game down a peg for now, there's not much else that keeps this guilty pleasure of a game from resounding triumphantly like fireworks on the Fourth of July.
Neil BoltMar 04, 2016
It's unfortunate that Broforce suffers some technical issues as it really does a lot to prevent a good game becoming a great one. When everything clicks, Broforce is a murderous symphony of perfectly orchestrated destruction, but on those occasions where the game falters, the music stops for a moment, leaving you to lament the silence of disappointment. Then it blares into life once more and all is right in Broforce’s freedom-fightin’ world again.

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