Bravo Team for PlayStation 4

Bravo Team

Mar 6, 2018

VR Content

Requires Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Content Rating: Teen


Take aim. Strike first – strike hard. It’s all or nothing in a heart-pumping firefight of intense combat and split-second tactical decision making. Trapped in hostile territory, you and your teammate are totally surrounded. Only cool thinking in the heat of battle will see you through to the end of your mission – so take up variety of shotguns, pistols and automatic weapons, duck into cover and make every shot count.

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Justin ClarkMar 14, 2018
Instead, Bravo Team slogs on, stranding you in huge spaces, throwing wave after wave of cannon fodder your way, making its short play time feel hours longer that it actually is. Bravo Team is a game that feels unsure and tentative about ideas that have been tried and tested for years now, even in VR.
Ben SmithMay 05, 2018
We don’t recommend Bravo Team for everyone. Its boring gameplay, soft story, and poor mechanics will make you wish you were playing something else. At $40, Sony should be ashamed they let Supermassive even release this game. We’re honestly a little embarrassed on their behalf. On the flip side, if you just want to shoot stuff with your Aim controller, Bravo Team could be for you, but we don’t think you’ll find much replayability with the title.
Chandler WoodMar 07, 2018
Endless waves of bullet-sponge enemies in one boring location become more endless waves of enemies in another boring location, and dealing with Bravo Team’s other issues means it’s not even a boring waste-of-time type of shooter. It’s altogether a bad game with few redeemable aspects that doesn’t represent the best of VR or Supermassive and should be avoided at all costs.

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