Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition for PlayStation 4

Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition

Apr 3, 2019
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Developer: Gearbox Software
Content Rating: Mature


So, you’re ready for another story, eh? Well, every story must start at the beginning, and this story begins here, on Pandora! And, like most stories worth telling, it begins with a Vault… Years ago, people spent their whole lives chasing the legend of the Vault, not knowing if it was anything more than a fairy tale. That all changed one day when four Vault Hunters, guided by a mysterious guardian Angel, found a Vault Key. Or at least, a piece of one.

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Lloyd CoombesApr 04, 2019
Between Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition and the updates to the Handsome Collection, Borderlands is back in a big way, and that’s to say nothing of the main attraction coming in September. Unlike more recent entries in this space, Borderlands doesn’t hinge on fragile in-game economies or being stingy with loot. Instead, it's a game that just wants to have fun – silly, brash, play-it-with-friends kind of fun. Welcome back old friend, you have been missed.
Steven PetiteApr 02, 2019
Borderlands: Game of The Year Edition polishes up a game that already looked great and played well, so the upgrade to 4K isn’t a dramatic transformation. Improvements to navigation and inventory management remove some of the tedious moments that originally slowed things down, but the changes to the already weak final boss fight make it significantly easier, which is the exact opposite of what it needed. Of course, Borderlands’ campaign’s gameplay, humor, and charm hold up, which makes it a reliably good time, especially in co-op.
Mick FraserApr 15, 2019
Having already seen Borderlands 2 squeezed into the PlayStation Vita (with, admittedly, ropey results), it’s a surprise this version of the first game isn’t also coming out on Nintendo Switch, but that’s an issue for another day. For many though, having an excuse to replay Borderlands 1 on the same console as the Handsome Collection is good enough. Definitely worth a play if you’ve never done so before, but perhaps not all that essential anymore.