Blood & Truth for PlayStation 4

Blood & Truth

May 28, 2019
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Requires Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Content Rating: Mature


Star in your own explosive action movie blockbuster with this PS VR exclusive shooter. Battle through the crime-ridden London underworld as elite soldier Ryan Marks in your deadliest mission yet… to save your family from a ruthless criminal empire. Take out your targets with breathless, over-the-top epic gun play as you drive, parachute and rappel across the city amid exciting set pieces.

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Leo FariaAug 22, 2019
I might be sad that a new The Getaway had to be cancelled in order for this game to be released, but I’m equally glad to see that the return of one of my favorite underrated franchises of all time was sacrificed for an important title that shows what can be done with virtual reality technology when you put competent developers in charge of the project.
Cody MedellinMay 28, 2019
Blood & Truth ends up being a strong title that adds more value to the PSVR platform. It may just be an evolution of the light gun game, but the immersion and action movie sensibilities coupled with a better-than-expected story for the genre does wonders as far as making it stand out among other VR titles. Provided you can handle the bouts of motion sickness, Blood & Truth is a VR game that's worth experiencing.
Jon HueberJun 11, 2019
Blood & Truth is the VR action game I’ve been dreaming about since the PSVR was announced. Other games have come close to this level of realism and immersion, but there was always something holding them back. London Studios went all in while creating this one, and I thank them every day for it — I finally get to experience my dream of living an action movie.

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