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Kai PowellJul 14, 2019
Blazing Chrome doesn't try to be anything more than a classic run-and-gun and thus easily exceeds expectations, although the length does leave something to be desired.
Ricky FrechJul 11, 2019
Blazing Chrome is a top-of-the-line appetizer to what could be a masterpiece of a five-course meal. I really hope this game does well because I cannot wait to see what JoyMasher does for their follow-up. If they can build on the rock-solid foundation they've created here, they might produce something truly spectacular.
A.J. MaciejewskiJul 11, 2019
Blazing Chrome is an authentic retro run 'n' gun experience that'll surely satisfy genre fans. That being said, there are many frustrating moments that are difficult to overlook and the amount of content is a little thin, too.
Elton JonesJul 11, 2019
Blazing Chrome’s premise is simple. And that’s why it’s such a blast to play. Shooting down an entire robot army with machine guns, lasers, grenade launchers, and more never gets old. And doing it with a fellow freedom fighter makes that scenario even more worthwhile.
Ken McKownAug 06, 2019
The difficulty never felt unfair and instead teaches the player how to handle everything the game may throw at them. The checkpoints are generous on normal modes, and for those looking for the ultimate challenge there is a hardcore mode. It feels like Blazing Chrome has something for everyone.
Chris ShiveJul 11, 2019
Blazing Chrome is an modern take on classic run and gun arcade classics. It’s difficult to ignore the strong influence Contra had on the game’s development, but either because of or in spite of this it’s still a lot of fun to play, especially on co-op. Anyone who wants something new with the classic Contra or Metal Slug style gameplay can’t go wrong with Blazing Chrome, but even though it’s a good time, it doesn’t really bring anything new to the party.
Isaac MonteroseJul 11, 2019
None of this is to say that Blazing Chrome is a terrible game. The run-and-gun gameplay felt great, I liked the over-the-top level design, the story was a neat throwback to a time when game stories were simple, and the bosses were memorable. I just wished the game wasn’t so frustrating to get through.
Chris CarterJul 11, 2019
With Blazing Chrome you kind of get what you get: it's an hour and change shooter that pays extreme homage to the Contra series. JoyMasher has already proved that they "get" the bygone eras of retro gaming with Oniken and Odallus, and now they have yet another triumph to add to their resume.
Adrian BurrowsJul 11, 2019
Blazing Chrome is so close to achieving what it's sets out to be – a fun retro 2D arcade shooter. There's sadly just too many issues to be overcome by the player to find the fun. If the development team are willing to put additional time into Blazing Chrome with patches and updates, then this could be well worth a punt. As it stands, Blazing Chrome is both too limited and too frustrating to recommend.
Alejandro PascualJul 15, 2019
Blazing Chrome es un buen juego no porque rescate una fórmula exitosa y clásica del Run'n'gun, sino por recrearla con un estupendo diseño de niveles y mecánicas que en todo momento buscan la exigencia del jugador, con una dificultad muy bien medida. JoyMasher quiere que te pases su juego. Aunque eso significa continuaciones infinitas, los momentos en los que aparecemos están perfectamente escogidos para que sientas el reto y la mejora mediante la práctica y el aprendizaje de patrones.
Carlos ForcadaJul 11, 2019
Con unos niveles muy bien planteados para lo que se pretende y tres niveles de dificultad muy bien medidos, Blazing Chrome consigue evocar al viejo Contra: The Hard Corps con sus mismas armas, proponiendo por el camino algunas memorables contra final bosses. No inventa nada nuevo, pero sin lugar a dudas es uno de los mejores juegos bidimensionales de este 2019 que necesita aún de algunas propuestas de calidad en esta vertiente de la escena indie.
Mathias OertelJul 18, 2019
Blazing Chrome zeigt sich dank sowohl des audiovisuellen als auch des spielmechanischen Designs als unterhaltsamer Zwilling des SNES-Klassikers Contra 3, ist aber mit gerade mal einem halben Dutzend Missionen recht kurz ausgefallen.
Thomas PillonJul 11, 2019
Véritable lettre d'amour au run and gun à l'ancienne, Blazing Chrome parvient à rendre hommage aux séries dont il s'inspire tout en offrant suffisamment de contenu pour dépasser ce simple stade. Nerveux, précis, proposant une difficulté calibrée et accessoirement beau comme un camion, le jeu des Brésiliens de The Arcade Crew remplit haut la main son... contrat. Que vous ayez ou non rincé un jeu du genre ces dernières années, Blazing Chrome offre un challenge certain mais adapté, en plus d'un contenu généreux à débloquer au fur et à mesure.
Paolo BesserJul 13, 2019
Un retrogame fantastico capace di riportarci a un’epoca indiscutibilmente passata, ma in qualche modo sempre viva nelle nostre anime di videogiocatori. Un gioco dall’azione spasmodica, sadica e punitiva, proprio come piaceva a noi nel 1993, quando ammiravamo gli enormi sprite bidimensionali gestiti dal meglio della tecnologia dell’epoca, quella che ancora non considerava l’accelerazione 3D un’opzione. Il tutto, però, comodamente gestito dalle console e dai computer moderni, secondo i dettami del presente. Costicchia, ma fatelo vostro lo stesso!
Daniele SpeltaJul 17, 2019
Punitivo, esagerato, frenetico e quasi assuefacente: Blazing Chrome risponde a tutte le caratteristiche dei migliori run’n gun e si fa spazio nel gotha del genere. Bisogna armarsi di riflessi e mantenere i nervi saldi perché l’asticella della difficoltà e messa in alto e gli aiuti sono praticamente assenti, ma è davvero difficile resistere ad un ritmo di gioco ben calibrato e alle costanti ondate di nemici provenienti da ogni dove.


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