BlazBlue: Central Fiction for PlayStation 4

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Nov 1, 2016

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Developer: Arc System Works
Content Rating: Teen


BlazBlue: Central Fiction is the newest installment in the storied BlazBlue franchise and stands alone as the pinnacle of next gen 2D fighters! Like a well-timed 2D punch, BlazBlue: Central Fiction bashes massive amounts of content and innovation into one slick title that hits hard and keeps the pummeling steady!

Critic Reviews

20 Reviews
Alex JacksonNov 07, 2016
Blazblue Central Fiction sits within a strange pocket for me of being so fantastic I can’t help but recommend it. But the trajectory of this series is pretty apparent at this point, and I can’t help but feel like you’ll get an even better experience with being introduced by the previous game and jumping on the re-release this game will inevitably receive. Still, the fighting engine is a work of art and that’s the core of the game. If you won’t be bothered by piecing together the story and no English voicover, you can’t go wrong.

Jae LeeNov 16, 2016
Still, even with those complaints, Central Fiction adds enough characters, mechanics and fine tunes its already nearly flawless gameplay into something that feels as amazing to play as it looks. It’s currently my favorite fighting game on the market, and I have no doubt that I will be throwing dozens of more hours into it in the months to come.
Chris CarterOct 31, 2016
If BlazBlue: Central Fiction is the end (and I don't think it will be), it's a fitting one. It packs in pretty much everything past games have offered, and then brings in several great new characters and one of the biggest stories in fighting game history.

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