Blasters of the Universe

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Jamie FelthamFeb 27, 2018
A short running time doesn’t stop Blasters of the Universe from being one of VR’s most delightful wave shooters. The hectic bullet-dodging action hurls you into a deadly ballet that feels fun far more often than it is frustrating. This is a finely-tuned and charming game that stands out from the sea of survival shooters out there right now.
Samuel GuglielmoFeb 27, 2018
I think Blasters of the Universe has some great ideas. The weapon customization is meaty and the combination of FPS with some SHMUP elements is a novel idea. Unfortunately, the execution leaves much to be desired. The game needed more development time to work out its rough edges and include more content. Simply put, this universe needs a better blaster.
Taylor LylesMar 07, 2018
Despite the short game length and few other minor issues, it does not change the fact that Blasters of the Universe is one of the most amusing VR shooters I have played in a long time. As I repeatedly mentioned virtual reality shooters as a genre is extremely oversaturated, but Blasters of the Universe is a diamond in the rough that is worth owning, and for its $14.99 price tag there is no reason why you should pass up on this distinct title.
Simon FitzgeraldMar 06, 2018
Blasters of the Universe is an absolute blast to play with silky smooth motion control and headset tracking that allows for precise shots to be pulled off with ease. The 80s cartoon style visuals, combined with the trance music, create a charmingly frantic environment for a bullet hell shooter to be set. Although its runtime is short lived, the quality of its gameplay makes Blasters of the Universe a very worthwhile venture.
Branden JohnsonMar 07, 2018
If you survive long enough, that is. With a few more levels, I could see this game having a much longer shelf life. As it is, if you may get bored without a ton of different levels, and you may need to look elsewhere. Despite the lack of variety, I have to recommend Blasters of the Universe. Its addictive mix of shooting action and immersive gameplay make this a worthy addition to anyone’s VR library.
Matt EakinsMar 06, 2018
The thrilling feeling you get from scampering around, looking for safe spaces while blasting away is fantastic. It’s truly a wild experience to be had. With more to love than there is to hate, Blasters of the Universe can definitely satiate those looking for something a little different in VR. The crafting; the action; the cheeky dialogue — it’s all wrapped into a package that adds another great piece to the PSVR catalogue.
Evan NorrisMar 05, 2018
The rules, mechanics, visuals, and customization options in Blasters of the Universe are good; that's why the game's short length is particularly disappointing. A sequel, with a longer running time, more stages, and more bosses would really leave a mark on the VR industry. As it stands, Blasters is a satisfactory take on a popular VR genre, elevated by the breadth of its weapon options and its physically demanding bullet hell action.
Mathias OertelMar 07, 2018
Herausforderungen sowie Endlosmodi können die fehlenden Inhalte nie kompensieren, während sich die Immersion in den zwar farbenfrohen, aber auf Dauer etwas sterilen Bereichen in Grenzen hält. Dessen ungeachtet ist Blasters of the Universe eines der intensivsten Action-Spiele, die man derzeit hinter einer VR-Brille erleben kann - und das auf einem normalen Bildschirm in dieser Form nicht funktionieren würde.