Blacklight: Retribution for PlayStation 4

Blacklight: Retribution

Nov 15, 2013
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Developer: Zombie Studios
Content Rating: Teen


Blacklight: Retribution is a competitive online multiplayer FREE TO PLAY First Person Shooter featuring unparalleled character customization depth and an innovative gameplay system that allows players to see through walls to make tactical decisions on the fly to keep combat fast and brutal. Guns, gear, and armor can be customized piece by piece to create the perfect load out. Blacklight: Retribution throws players into fierce battle over a dystopian future on over 10 maps with more than 10 gameplay modes!

Critic Reviews

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Edge StaffJan 10, 2014
Despite its age, Retribution is technically still in beta on PS4, but what’s here will hardly have you holding your breath in anticipation of what’s to come. ...Perhaps it would be different if Zombie had been more lenient with its economy, allowing you to try more before committing to buy. Retribution may be free to play, but you’re also free to walk away. Right now, in the interests of saving both time and money, that’s the smarter option.
Temper your expectations, however, and you can squeeze a reasonable amount of entertainment from Retribution without paying a cent. ...Strapped for cash and looking for something punchy to play on your PS4? Blacklight: Retribution has its fun moments to balance out the frustrating ones. But with a few unpleasant quirks, some missing features, and a borderline draconian pricing model, it's hardly a must-have shooter for kicking off the new wave of current-gen gaming.
Michael MartinDec 21, 2013
Blacklight: Retribution is a tried-and-true shooter running on an aging, but dependable engine, though the mere mention of F2P is sure to send people running the other way. I’d prefer a retail release to cut the middleman out but I can live with the microtransaction structure as long as it isn’t critical for success. Blacklight is more than worth the price of admission and stands tall in the online multiplayer shooter arena on the PS4.

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