Black & White Bushido for PlayStation 4

Black & White Bushido

May 17, 2017
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Developer: Good Catch Games
Content Rating: Teen


Black & White Bushido is a 1-4 player stealth-em-up arena brawl. Choose between the light and the shadow in three challenging game modes.Hide with camouflage, throw shurikens and drop smoke bombs to beat your friends locally or online.

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Robert GrossoJun 23, 2017
Or it might be for naught. In the end, Black & White Bushido’s premise is more interesting than the final product. Hopefully, the title picks up some business in the long run, but many indie titles like this live or die on their established fanbase. In the case of Black & White Bushido, it needs to build up a base or be left in the shadows.
Anthony BacchusMay 17, 2017
With a striking visual art style and an initially promising light and dark mechanic, Black & White Bushido could have been everyone’s new go-to party game. However, not enough modes of play, repetitive map design, and an overall lack of personality put a damper on what is otherwise a decent arena combat game. The gameplay is polished and fluid and the controls are easy to grasp, everything that makes a game like this worthy of play.
Matt KeithMay 16, 2017
If you’re looking for a unique multiplayer arena brawler ‘Black & White Bushido’ will deliver. It offers a unique enough take on the genre to set itself apart. With its simple controls and minimalist style, it is easy to pick up and enjoy. My only real concern is the lackluster single player (which to be fair really wasn’t their focus) and lack of content for the console release.