Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 4

Beyond: Two Souls

Nov 24, 2015
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Developer: Quantic Dream
Content Rating: Mature


Create an action-packed story through your choices and actions as you live the life of Jodie Holmes – a girl born with a link to a supernatural entity. By playing as both Jodie and the entity, you’ll face spectacular physical and psychological challenges to understand what truly lies… beyond.

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Jul 10, 2020
Beyond 2 souls is better and worse than its predecessor even tho its massively overshadowed by it. The acting is superb in comparison to heavy rain with Ellen paige giving a believable performance as jody the sole protagonist this time around allowing greater focus than any of heavy rains characters got. Willem dafoe and assistant stand out as supporting members and the rest are enjoyable in there small parts. The story is told in a timeline jumping fashion which keeps u guessing but also impacts how little impact your choices have until near the end as choices affect that chapter and not many others. The gameplay is also better with the only failing being the quicktime events without prompts being hard to judge. Aiden adds a lot to the gameplay and the puzzles involving him are the best gameplay sequences over the 2 games imo. There's one really long section about 3/4s through that feels overly long and out of place, even with the fact it leads to an important event after the fact. The story is interesting and enjoyable but the supernatural tale pales in comparison to the murder mystery in heavy rain but that's down to personal preference of genre. Overall I prefer heavy rain slightly but it's worth a playthrough
Mar 31, 2020
It's so boring I regret the time I took to download it
Douglas Gimenez Ávila
Ömer Bilimen

Ömer Bilimen

Dec 17, 2020
Amr Alaa Ali

Amr Alaa Ali

Nov 30, 2020


Sep 28, 2019
Martin Ruiz

Martin Ruiz

May 19, 2020

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Justin ClarkDec 11, 2015
Beyond remains a unique experience, even as the tools implemented in its creation have become commonplace. It's filled with concepts that are immediately odd and illogical, but if you accept them on their own terms, they add up to a fascinating if unconventional tale.
Sammy BarkerDec 02, 2015
Beyond: Two Souls is strange game that isn't quite sure what it wants to be. There are moments where the title pushes boundaries and attempts things that most developers wouldn't even think of, but the plotting is uneven and the more touching sequences are undone by prolonged periods of outright idiocy.
John-Paul JonesDec 03, 2015
A deft remastering of what was arguably the PS3’s technical swansong, Beyond: Two Souls finds new life and an attractive home on PS4, with some extra features thrown in to sweeten the deal.

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