Battlefield Hardline for PlayStation 4

Battlefield Hardline

Mar 17, 2015
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Developer: Visceral Games
Content Rating: Mature


Join the Heist like a Pro. A security truck loaded with cash lays abandoned in a parking garage, and you only have seconds to cram as much cash as possible into your backpack before the cops arrive. Stray bills flutter behind you as you make a mad dash for the elevators. When you get to the roof a teammate jumps on the zip-line, but you choose a more direct route and swan-dive over the edge of the building. Your chute deploys. Bullets are whizzing far too close for comfort. The moment you hit the pavement it’s a straight-out sprint to the getaway van. Sirens are blaring. Cops are on the way. And that’s when you notice the massive crane crashing down. This is just a day in the life of the Battlefield Hardline player.

Critic Reviews

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Aaron BirchMar 19, 2015
Battlefield: Hardline is a good game, there's no denying that, but it has a problem in the lack of any real stand out features, and justification for its existence. As a Battlefield game, it's solid and the new setting is fine. But it still plays and feels like a Battlefield game for the most part, especially online. ...Fortunately, although similarities may be present, Battlefield: Hardline's major strength is in how it physically executes its ideas, and how it plays, and there's little to complain about there.
RichApr 24, 2015
Overall, Battlefield Hardline is an unremarkable release, and it really depends on what you want from a Battlefield title as to whether it’s worthy of your hard-earned cash. Those looking for more of the same Battlefield multiplayer action will no doubt lap this up; it changes very little to the tried and tested formula, and is therefore very easy for fans to jump into in order to experience new maps and game modes.
Kevin DunsmoreMar 16, 2015
Battlefield Hardline could have gone wrong in so many ways. It’s a testament to Visceral Games as a studio that they were able to make Hardline as good as it is. The multiplayer experience is fantastic thanks to some interesting new modes, a sense of speed, map design, increased focus on destruction and the fact that the game actually works. ...Still, it’s a step in the right direction for future Battlefield games. Hardline may not revolutionize the Battlefield brand, but it fixes many of its biggest problems.

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