Battle Princess Madelyn

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Chris ShiveDec 31, 2018
Battle Princess Madelyn is clearly an homage to Capcom titles about slaying ghouls, ghosts and goblins but presented in an endearing, story within a story fashion. There are plenty of times where the unclear objectives can cause feelings of frustration to overrule the feelings of fun, and deaths that feel cheap aren’t exactly a rarity, but Battle Princess Madelyn nails the retro feel.
Lucas WhiteDec 21, 2018
It’s a bedtime story based on a nightmare that somehow comes out on the more pleasant, earnest end of that old school madness, and while it’s a pain in the butt to find your way around without a map, the gorgeous settings and pitch-perfect platforming action make it feel worth the struggle.
James PaleyJan 04, 2019
This led to a lot of unnecessary repetition. Yet the bosses made this same repetition a calming, essential activity. For every part of the game I slammed up against, it was bookended by some excellent moments. While not always clearly defined, Battle Princess Madelyn is still a damn decent excursion into the storied history of 16-bit platforming.
Adrian BurrowsJan 11, 2019
Battle Princess Madelyn has some lovely animated cut scenes to enjoy, the plot begins in a charming manner that brings to mind the Princess Bride, and its retro inspired pixelated graphics are on point. If only they were attached to fun and compelling gameplay, then Battle Princess Madelyn really could have been a contender to capture the crown of Ghost ‘n Goblins. As it stands, it’s probably best to avoid this one and break out your SNES from storage instead.
Timothy NunesDec 20, 2018
Battle Princess Madelyn is everything you need in a retro romp. The lack of a map with limited direction may be frustrating at times, but the heart and soul of Ghosts & Goblins remains true to form. Battle Princess Madelyn is a joy to play and a must for retro fans.
Jose Luis Lopez de GarayoDec 23, 2018
Battle Princess Madelyn es un gran título que podría haber sido y puede ser excepcional. La dificultad a la hora de explorar el mapa en su modo historia y escasez de opciones son sus principales problemas ahora mismo, pero ambos pueden ser solventados en los próximos meses y, viendo el trato que ha recibido por ahora el título, esto parece algo seguro.
Carlos LeivaDec 17, 2018
Battle Princess Madelyn es un buen juego de acción y plataformas que no duda en beber de un gran clásico como Ghosts'n Goblins para ofrecernos una aventura tan nostálgica como desafiante y satisfactoria en su Modo Arcade. Por desgracia, su Modo Historia no está a la altura al intentar abarcar más de lo que debe, y ciertas decisiones en su diseño son, cuando menos, cuestionables.
Thomas PillonJan 07, 2019
Soucieux de propulser la formule Ghosts'n Goblins vers d'autres cieux, Battle Princess Madelyn loupe le coche en proposant une aventure visuellement superbe, mais au level design incohérent. Reprenant les codes d'un gameplay aussi simple qu'efficace, le jeu des canadiens de Causal Games se perd en cours de route, et l'aventure s'avère finalement plus frustrante qu'autre chose.
Sander NoordijkJan 08, 2019
Qua presentatie is Battle Princess Madelyn in orde met mooie pixelart. Helaas wordt dit wat wazig gepresenteerd. Daarnaast liep ik tegen wat issues en bugs aan, die ongetwijfeld gepatcht zullen worden. Met een leuke Story en een Arcade Mode heeft Battle Princess Madelyn genoeg te bieden qua inhoud die de die hards aanspreken.