BATMAN: The Telltale Series

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Ray CarsilloJan 03, 2017
Batman: The Telltale Series had a lot of potential. There were some clever ideas, and some nice tribute Easter eggs to Bat-media of the past. Unfortunately, they aren’t enough to overcome aging, glitch-ridden technology and some weak narrative decisions in a narrative-centric experience.
Alice BellAug 03, 2016
This is a Batman game where it's kind of more fun when you're not Batman. Telltale's strength is in, you know, telling a tale, and it has planted the seeds for one that could sprout into something really cool. The next episode could be much better, and this series isn't a write off just yet.
David Martinez_1224Sep 26, 2016
The second episode of The Batman Telltale Series may emphasize more on Bruce Wayne than Batman, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun.
Samuel GuglielmoDec 26, 2016
Still, glitches aside, Batman: The Telltale Series is an impressive showing from Telltale. They gave the world of Batman a great twist, expanding characters in new and unique ways and not playing the formula the way you completely remember. The story told is interesting, while the fights provide a visual treat and the investigations give you some new gameplay from Telltale’s normal games.
Alex JacksonDec 26, 2016
Batman: The Telltale Series takes a deep dive into the world of Bruce Wayne and his crusade, dissecting them both in a compelling way and telling a great story in the meantime. Taken as a series, the smaller weaknesses of each episode disappear within the larger story and the minor dissonance of some decisions not carrying the impact they should is quickly forgotten.
Sam SpyrisonDec 29, 2016
elltale’s Batman easily stands strong as one of the Dark Knight’s greatest video game outings, providing a gripping tale that clearly separates itself from a standard Batman affair. Add in more interactive gameplay sequences and improved visuals, and you have not only one of Telltale’s best seasons to date, but the return of a promising video game future for Bruce Wayne, Batman, and the city of Gotham.
Cade OnderDec 16, 2016
If it weren't for the plethora of bugs plaguing this great game, it would score much higher. If you can look past those issues, this is a must play for everyone.
Ricardo C. EstevesJan 04, 2017
Batman: The Telltale Series has some interesting moments; it's an adult game (despite the cartoon-style graphics), and it had the courage to change some of the pillars surrounding Batman. While the general plot is great, it suffers from uneven pacing, some forced decisions, and some confusing elements. And then we have the technical side of the game, which was, frankly, terrible.
Silent JayDec 21, 2016
Batman : The Telltale Series adapte les aventures du Dark Knight avec brio, malgré quelques errements techniques inhérents aux productions du studio et la présence de nombreux choix sans véritables conséquences sur la destinée des protagonistes.
Никита БогуславскийDec 17, 2016
В итоге мы получили еще один сериал от Telltale — ни больше ни меньше. Новый «Бэтмен» — это свежая интересная история, знакомые декорации, блестяще озвученные любимые герои, чьи образы были радикально пересмотрены, да и графика пусть и не сильно, но похорошела. Решайте сами, ваш ли это набор.
Czarny WilkDec 15, 2016
Przy Batmanie natomiast bawiłem się dobrze, parę razy nawet zostałem zaskoczony, ale nie towarzyszyły temu żadne silniejsze odczucia. Ani specjalnie mocno nikomu nie współczułem, ani nie kibicowałem głównemu bohaterowi, ani nie przywiązałem się do żadnej z pobocznych postaci. Kompletnie zawalono element, który – przynajmniej dla mnie – stanowi fundament produkcji tego typu.