Batman: Arkham Knight for PlayStation 4

Batman: Arkham Knight

Jun 23, 2015

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Scarecrow has returned to unite the Rogues Gallery and has enlisted the Arkham Knight and his immense military force to bring all-out War to Gotham City and destroy the Batman once and for all. The Dark Knight must utilise the Batmobile's newly-revealed Battle Mode, as well as his full arsenal of abilities, to protect his city from complete destruction.

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Sep 15, 2019

Cmon its an arkham game. This one is even better in terms of control of the bat. You have more moves more gadgets and the combat is smooooth. And there is a batmobile ! Some say that its over used but its the batmobile so its fun. Only real issue i have with this game is the boss figths... there isnt one

Nerra 96

Nerra 96

Oct 17, 2019
ibrahim elsayed

ibrahim elsayed

Oct 2, 2019
Lucas Oliveira

Lucas Oliveira

Sep 7, 2019
Archit Jain

Archit Jain

Sep 2, 2019
Ty Sterk

Ty Sterk

Jul 2, 2019

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Luke BrownJun 26, 2015
Arkham Knight is a massive technical achievement on consoles, and as a final note on the character and franchise, it delivers in almost every way.
Anthony LaBellaJun 29, 2015
It's a shame the game focuses so much on the Batmobile, because even that provides a welcome change of pace in small doses. Unfortunately, Arkham Knight doesn't deliver the Batmobile in small doses, and it turns out to be the most intrusive part of the experience. At least the rest of the game makes up for the Batmobile and the occasional narrative misstep.
Doug MercerJul 01, 2015
In the end, how good is Arkham Knight? It’s the best Batman game you’ll play and by that measure, the best superhero game to date. The identity of the Arkham Knight is controversial, but it works when you fit it in to the overall story arc of the game. The plot weaves a taut, psychological campaign that brings you into the darkest areas of Gotham including the murky and even darker depths of Batman’s psyche.

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