Batman: Arkham Knight - Batgirl: A Matter of Family for PlayStation 4

Batman: Arkham Knight - Batgirl: A Matter of Family

Jul 14, 2015

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This game requires the base game Batman: Arkham Knight to play.

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Content Rating: Mature


Set before the events of Arkham Asylum, ‘A Matter of Family’ allows players to take on the role of Batgirl as you team up with Robin to save your father - Commissioner Gordon - from a lunatic’s trap.

In an abandoned amusement park on the shores of Gotham, Batgirl and Robin must fight against the odds to save Barbara’s father and avoid falling victim to the Joker’s sinister plan. Trained by Batman, Batgirl combines devastating combat with unparalleled hacking abilities to take down enemies, control objects and solve puzzles. Explore the eerie Seagate Amusement Park in this action-packed adventure which culminates in the ultimate showdown between the good, the bad, and the clinically insane.

Critic Reviews

12 Reviews
Jordan BiazzoJul 21, 2015
For season pass holders this game should be a bust. For $40, the first add on story DLC length simply doesn’t match the price tag their asking for. Here's hoping that the next DLC, Season of Infamy, makes up for this disappointly short experience. Alternatively, for $7.00 it's easy to look over its length and technical issues, I just wished they gave Batgirl the care they do for Batman and this game could have been amazing.
Dean JamesJul 15, 2015
Batman: Arkham Knight – A Matter of Family is definitely a worthy addition to the Arkham universe, by giving players their first chance to use Batgirl. Playing just like Batman in the early stages of Arkham Knight itself, Batgirl is missing something in combat that makes her feel distinct in any way from Batman though. The story itself is solid and utilizing Robin allowed for some great banter between the two, along with a great final boss fight for the duo.
Ricardo C. EstevesJul 15, 2015
There's not much more to say about Batgirl: A Matter Of Family. For £5.79 (€ 6.99), it's not impressive, and as the headliner for a £32.99 (€ 39.99) Season Pass, it's clearly disappointing. Hopefully Rocksteady can raise the bar on the next content, because if Batgirl is an example of what's in store it will be very difficult to justify the outrageous price tag.

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