Axiom Verge for PlayStation 4

Axiom Verge

Mar 31, 2015
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Developer: Tom Happ
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Axiom Verge is a retro-styled 2D action game focused on unusual weaponry and exploration of an maze-like, infested world. You play as Trace, a relatively normal (if quirky) guy who suffers a near-fatal injury, after which he wakes up in a strange, unsettling new world that is both high-tech and incredibly ancient. Why is he here? Where are the world's inhabitants? And what is the mysterious force that seems intent on ending his life?

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Jan 26, 2021
A thrilling blending of old and new styles, "Axiom Verge" wears its "Metroid" inspiration on its sleeve but doesn't bat an eye in skewering conventions or niceties. This is a dark, weird, horrific, and cryptic game whose world grabs and won't let go. It is, however, somewhat clunky around the edges, and not without a few pacing issues. But, they hardly distract from an otherwise praiseworthy indie experience.
Ramesh Berkhout

Ramesh Berkhout

Sep 14, 2021
Markus Malinen

Markus Malinen

Jan 16, 2020

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Mike SplechtaMar 30, 2015
It's a love letter to Metroid fans, while also having its own set of gameplay mechanics that allow it to stand out in an otherwise crowded genre. It's a package that's so well put together, with its gorgeous pixel art and fitting soundtrack, all wrapped up in an experience you'll most likely want to play again as soon as you finish. The fact that it was created by a single dev makes the whole thing that much more impressive.
Thomas EllaMar 30, 2015
Flaws aside, Axiom Verge is a stunning achievement for one man to have developed entirely by himself. It’s not as good as Super Metroid, but it’s close. Some of its more annoying flaws, like the lack of crucial information on the map screen and the frustrating boss fights, hold it back from being one of the greats, but don’t hold back a recommendation at all. Axiom Verge looks, sounds and plays great. It carries a lot of value for your buck, and it’s the kind of game you’ll be happy to own so you can hop back into it from time to time.
Ray CarsilloMar 30, 2015
Working in the shadow of something as massive as Metroid and other games of that ilk is no easy task, though, and Axiom Verge does more than enough to earn its place among them. It manages to work within its limitations and still innovate in subtle-but-effective ways. Even with its classic motif, a little modern polish would’ve gone a long way, but it’s hard for me to be anything but immensely satisfied and impressed with Axiom Verge as a whole.

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