AVICII Invector

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AllenJan 09, 2020
The game is a nice tribute to the artist, though I feel there’s more that could have been added to make it a little more personal. Regardless, Avicii Invector is a fine celebration of a talented performer that sizzles with high energy.
Steven WeberDec 23, 2019
Avicii Invector is a high intensity rhythmic game centered around the largely praised electronic musician Avicii. The tap-to-the-beat game play coincides with many of Avicii's greatest works, joyfully playing against an illuminated theme park track, that is reminiscent of the EDM scene as a whole.
Darryn BonthuysDec 18, 2019
Rhythm action at its finest, Avicii Invector celebrates the life of a musical genius with an adventure across the stars that is challenging, enjoyable and euphoric in its celebration of an icon’s legacy.
Jenni LadaDec 12, 2019
AVICII Invector is a music game where the spaceship theme makes it feel more like a rhythmic adventure. It’s a bit of a truncated one, to be sure. There are only three difficulty levels, where many of its contemporaries have four, and its song list is limited due to only championing the one artist and only offering 25 tracks. It’s an adjustment, to be sure, but fans of AVICII and the genre will likely be pleased to have this option for their libraries.
Samuel GuglielmoDec 23, 2019
I came away from AVICII Invector rather impressed. Everything is here for a smart, fun, rhythm game that treats AVICII with respect. It has a killer soundtrack, which all rhythm games need, and it knows how to use it. A few failings, like some notes being hard to see or the fact that I couldn't see the story, aren't enough to really ruin my experience. Fans of the DJ absolutely need AVICII Invector in their lives, and even those who have little to no experience with him but just enjoy rhythm games will find more than enough here.
Anthony BacchusDec 16, 2019
As a fan of music games, AVICII Invector is an easy recommendation. It might not take any big risks evolving the genre, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a grand old time to be had. It looks great, sounds amazing, and makes for a surprisingly excellent party game for the Holidays. Even if you aren’t familiar with AVICII’s back catalogue of tunes, I still suggest you give it a shot. Who knows, you might find yourself becoming an unexpected fan of his music. If so, then I can’t think of a better way to honour his memory.
Leo FariaDec 06, 2019
I was expecting this game to be yet another licensed cash grab, but it ended up being a true work of love by fans and for fans, and one the best rhythm game released since Rock Band 4. Tim would have most certainly been proud of how good this game ended up being.
Joe ApseyDec 09, 2019
Avicii Invector is a wonderful tribute to the EDM artist and celebrates his work by creating a diverse tracklist from across his career. The rhythm gameplay has its own unique twists and provides a challenging experience. The visual effects can get a bit much at times, throwing off your streak, but the game is still a wonderful way to surround yourself with some of the best EDM music from the past decade.
Michael KrostaDec 10, 2019
Avicii Invector ist eine gelungene Kombination aus Best-of-Album und Musikspiel, die gleichzeitig das Lebenswerk eines außergewöhnlichen EDM-Künstlers würdigt.
Ayden_Dec 16, 2019
Porté par une sélection musicale d’excellente facture, Avicii Invector est un jeu de rythme réussi. À la fois fun et accessible, il offre un voyage très prenant au pays des stroboscopes et des lasers. Certes, on aurait aimé que le contenu soit un peu plus étoffé et on se met même à espérer l’ajout d’un mode VR mais aux côtés des blockbusters du moment, il devrait parfaitement trouver sa place – encore plus si vous aimez la musique d’Avicii.
Sector.skJan 21, 2020
AVICII Invector je hra primárne určená pre fanúšikov tohto švédskeho DJa. Ak sa vám jeho hudba páči, poznáte takmer všetky jeho hity a zároveň máte radi výzvy, hra vás určite zabaví. Pre kohokoľvek iného však ide o štandardnú rytmickú / hudobnú hru, ktorá je ozvláštnená niekoľkými vlastnými prvkami. Rozhodne teda neurazí, no cieľovú skupinu určite dokáže potešiť.