Assault Suit Leynos

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Jeremy PeeplesAug 09, 2016
It takes everything that worked about the original and improves upon it with modern flourishes. The original was fine for its time, but with greatly-improved controls and graphics, everything is more enjoyable now than it was then. It’s also a far more user-friendly experience thanks to an extensive tutorial system and manages to remain extremely challenging because it never walks you through anything — it merely teaches you the ropes and expects you to remember everything.
Drew HurleyDec 30, 2015
Japanese shoot 'em ups have a very specific audience, and while that audience will be ecstatic to get its hands on this, casual players will baulk at the price point and likely be put off with the rage-inducing difficulty moments. The price is a little high for this type of remake, but worth it for fans of the original. All around, Assault Suit Leynos is an enjoyable resurgence and hopefully the first of many remakes incoming from a great franchise.
Robert RamseyJul 14, 2016
Sporting a varied campaign that's bolstered by satisfyingly weighty gameplay, Assault Suit Leynos is a good way to enjoy a hardcore classic. It isn't especially friendly to newcomers and at times its overwhelming mission design can be a burden, but it still stands strong as a solid mech shooter that'll put your piloting skills to the test – even 26 years after its original release.
Garri BagdasarovJul 19, 2016
Assault Suit Leynos is a fun game and a decent remake of a title that a lot of people may not have even heard of. It oozes with retroness with its great soundtrack, character designs, and overall feel. It’s just unfortunate that its exploitable boss fights and confusing controls (which will take you the entire hour length of the game to learn how to use) hold it back. Keeping a game’s purity is always a plus in my book, but the lack of content once finished will make you question the $19.99 price tag.
Ramón NafriaJul 30, 2016
Es complicado recomendar Assault Suits Leynos a un jugón que no tenga cierta edad, pero si buscáis un reto difícil, intenso y épico, o volver a experimentar la jugabilidad más directa de los run and gun o de los shoot 'em up, sin duda podéis echarle un tiento sin miedo. Y esperar que sigan con la saga hasta ponerse al día, que son excelentes juegos que merecen, como está visto, una revisión tan buena como ésta.