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Richard SeagraveApr 10, 2018
Ultimately then, fun can be had with ARK Park , but in small doses. People will be drawn to it for different aspects of its gameplay, but on the whole they don't quite gel. I get it — ARK is a survival game that's heavily reliant on crafting, but the inclusion of crafting here just feels like an unnecessary hindrance.
Jim HargreavesMar 30, 2018
Instead of being a full-fat adaptation of Survival Evolved, ARK Park is more of a taster, chopping that game into smaller chunks, then isolating them. This isn’t the same sprawling open world shooter – it’s something much smaller and less substantive, though still looks to capture that core ARK essence.
Ossi MykkänenApr 11, 2018
ARK Park had potential in its premise, but everything is so badly executed that all this evaporates incredibly quickly. There's content for 30 minutes if you can put up with the many flaws, but honestly, we wouldn't advise even trying, especially not for the asking price of £44.99. It sounds like a dream to be immersed in a Jurassic Park-esque world via the medium of VR, but ends up being a nightmare.
Drew HurleyApr 07, 2018
The gathering is grindy, the crafting unrewarding, and the combat boring and repetitive. Not to mention as a VR game it suffers, too, as the controls are awkward, plus the price of the game is too high and the visuals lacklustre. The developer was so preoccupied with whether it could, that it didn't stop to think if it should.
John-Paul JonesApr 05, 2018
An unevenly executed mish-mash of ARK's cornerstone components, ARK Park shows some promise but is ultimately too flawed and poorly constructed to be recommended to anyone but wide-eyed, dino-hungry youngsters.
Victor SanchezNov 06, 2018
Pobre, muy pobre. Por muchos motivos recuerda a la época de PS2, tanto en el acabado de sus gráficas, como en la intención que tenían muchos desarrolladores de esa época por hacer productos que luego se saldasen en grandes cestas de supermercado. Un juego triste y que da pereza desde casi el comienzo.
Julien InvernoNov 22, 2018
ARK Park est sans aucun doute très amusant sur un point : on peut s'en moquer avec beaucoup de plaisir. Proposé au prix fort, ce jeu est indigne de ce qu'il prétend proposer, à savoir un fantasme fait réalité pour les fans de dinos et les monomaniaques de Jurassic Park. Nul, mercantile, mais drôle comme un film de Roger Corman : ARK Park, c'est Carnosaure le jeu vidéo.
Rosario SalatielloApr 11, 2018
Di patiti di dinosauri e creature giurassiche è pieno il mondo. A tutti loro si rivolge ARK Park, strizzando l'occhio con la realtà virtuale a chi vorrebbe trovarsi almeno una volta nella vita all'interno di Jurassic Park. Oltre a qualche scelta di design non indovinata, considerando il prezzo a cui questo gioco viene venduto ci saremmo però aspettati di vedere qualcosina in più in termini di contenuti.