Alan Wake Remastered for PlayStation 4

Alan Wake Remastered

Oct 5, 2021 NEW
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Alan Wake Remastered offers the complete experience, with the main game and its two story expansions - The Signal and The Writer - in stunning new 4K visuals. The tense, episodic story is packed with unexpected twists, heart-stopping cliff hangers, and intense bursts of combat where it takes more than bullets to banish the darkness. The game’s cutscenes, quirky cast of characters, and the majestic Pacific Northwest vistas have been enhanced for an experience that delivers as much on its visual impact as its unnerving atmosphere.

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Piotr Kwiatkowski

Piotr Kwiatkowski

Oct 26, 2021

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CJ AndriessenOct 04, 2021
I’m not ready to let this one go yet. I waited more than 10 years to finally play Alan Wake, and now that I’ve seen the credits roll, I can’t get it out of my mind. It’s firmly sunk its teeth into me, and like with many of the other greats, I’ll be returning to this world again and again for years to come.
Tristan OgilvieOct 04, 2021
Playing Alan Wake Remastered is a bit like taking an old horror hardcover off the bookshelf and wrapping it in a glossy dust jacket; it looks brand new on the surface, but the experience of actually thumbing through it remains the same and some of the edges of of its well-loved pages are starting to look a bit dog-eared.
John Cal McCormickOct 04, 2021
For existing fans, this no-frills remaster is the best way to experience the 2010 game on modern consoles, but in 2021, much of the title simply doesn't hold up. Without the benefit of nostalgia, Alan Wake doesn't work as horror because it's not scary, as a thriller because long stretches of the game are fantastically boring, or as an action game because the combat is uninspired and repetitive. There's an interesting central mystery here, but like Alan Wake himself, you'll have to go through hell to find it.

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