Ace Banana for PlayStation 4

Ace Banana

Oct 13, 2016
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Requires Playstation virtual reality headset to play.

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Developer: Oasis Games
Content Rating: Everyone


A Shooting Gallery-style game, players must take up their bow and protect their banana stash against waves of monkeys coming to get them. Gameplay involves the player taking up the PlayStation Move controllers and mimic the movements shooting an arrow. Features a child-friendly cartoon style with cheerful graphics, Gameplay mode is solo play (with cooperative multiplayer coming out soon with up to four players fighting together). Compare your scores and compete for the rankings, with waves and waves of enemies are varied with huge Boss Battles occurring randomly. Player can look around with their VR Headset while aiming with their Move Controllers. Players are fixed in one position while being able to switch to various other locations in the game with their Rope.

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Blake GrundmanOct 23, 2016
As much fun as the title looks to be, I cannot in good conscience recommend a game that has this many genuine issues. Hopefully this is something that can be resolved in a later patch, but as of right now, it would be best to leave this jungle unexplored.
Sidd MasandOct 23, 2016
Ace Banana is a solid introduction to the PSVR. Its easily accessible controls, rewarding gameplay and low price tag (only $14.99 on PlayStation Store until Oct 27th) make this a launch title that should satisfy the whole family this holiday season.
Marcus EstradaOct 23, 2016
Ace Banana shows promise with its bright graphics and skillful ability to pair Move controllers with fast-paced, precise gameplay. Unfortunately, there’s little currently in the game to keep players hooked after their first session. Everything is just far too repetitive (not to mention tiring) to get folks through the campaign. A co-op mode didn’t even make it out in time for launch, which could have at least added some reason to keep playing. Ace Banana may be technically sound, but it’s plainly uninteresting when compared to the rest of PSVR’s launch lineup.

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