A Way Out for PlayStation 4

A Way Out

Mar 23, 2018
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Developer: Hazelight Studios
Content Rating: Mature


From the creators of Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons comes A Way Out, an exclusively co-op adventure where you play the role of one of two prisoners making their daring escape from prison. What begins as a thrilling breakout quickly turns into an unpredictable, emotional adventure unlike anything seen or played before. A Way Out is an experience that must be played with two players. Each player controls one of the main characters, Leo and Vincent, in a reluctant alliance to break out of prison and gain their freedom. Play the entire experience with your friends for free using the friends pass free trial feature.

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Jun 13, 2020
The best Co-op game I’ve ever played, the story is so damn good that I actually cried at the end. It’s fun that you can choose your own story with the two alternatives.
CN Gaming

CN Gaming

Sep 25, 2021
Altion Dafa

Altion Dafa

Aug 11, 2021


May 20, 2021


May 18, 2021
Zaha Claudiu

Zaha Claudiu

May 9, 2021

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Cade OnderMar 29, 2018
A Way Out truly excels at being a really unique video game experience. It tells a familiar cinematic story in a way no other medium can thanks to its brilliant execution. Some may find elements of the game lacking due to it being a bit simple but it can also be seen as a positive due to the fact that it allows more people to play the game. It could alienate some hardcore gamers but if you’re looking for a good co-op experience, A Way Out is one of the best of its kind.
Matthew KatoMar 22, 2018
A Way Out's co-op vision is a bold choice that works because it uncompromisingly places players in a co-op context, joining them onscreen and off. But given the weakness of the gameplay at times, perhaps the game isn't bold enough.
Erin CastilloMar 22, 2018
A Way Out is creative and thoughtful, which is exactly what you want to see from a linear and narrative based story. Unfortunately, there are a few things that stand in the way of the game reaching its true potential, specifically a complete lack of consequences, as well as a few dialogue issues. Other than that, there isn’t exactly a lot to get disappointed over, as the game is exactly what it was promised to be and then some.

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