2Dark for PlayStation 4


Mar 10, 2017
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Game Info


About this game

Developer: Gloomywood
Content Rating: Mature


In 2Dark, you guide former detective Mr. Smith in his quest to find and free his kidnapped children in the sinister and macabre town of Gloomywood. During your rescue, you must avoid sadistic and bloodthirsty serial killers, and you will be called on to confront unnameable horrors lurking in the shadows. Discover the terrifying secrets that linger in this accursed town...

Critic Reviews

15 Reviews
Thi ChaoMar 24, 2017
I will also admit that I a well-seasoned stealth genre gamer and after figuring out the inventory system, I found the game to be quite my level of game play as the whole light and dark system is rather simplistic. However, a lot of the success was dependant on forward planning. Players who are more adept at stealth games might find 2Dark to be too easy and less satisfying.
Nathan HunterApr 19, 2017
In summary, 2Dark is an atmospheric experience, and while it isn't an out-and-out horror game, the game blends elements of survival horror with the main gameplay chiefly revolving around sneaking in a furtive manner through levels. The atmospherics are striking, and the cartoon-like animations work well as a contrast.
Albert LichiMar 10, 2017
2Dark is mostly a triumph for Gloomywood. It is impressive and refreshing that a skilled user could play a survival horror stealth game that can be completed without killing anyone. Sure, sometimes accidents happen and a kid dies a horrible bloody death, which can lead to both horrific shock and bemused laughter... at the same time no less, but that is the weird and wonderful tone of 2Dark.


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