101 Ways to Die for PlayStation 4

101 Ways to Die

Mar 22, 2016
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Developer: 4 Door Lemon
Content Rating: Teen


In this puzzle-platformer you'll play assistant to mad scientist Professor Splattunfuder - a scientist, inventor and weapons manufacturer of questionable sanity. Nearing the end of his career, he devoted himself to a terrible "recipe book" focused on the death and destruction of his enemies, preferably using the most stylish methods possible.

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Graham BanasMar 22, 2016
Not quite as bad as falling into a pit of spikes, 101 Ways to Die is a serviceable physics-based puzzle game. Fun in short doses, it does enough right to warrant a quick look, but even though creating your own weird and wonderful traps is the title's main draw, the gameplay can outstay its welcome when the difficulty level begins to rise.
Jason OakleyMar 29, 2016
There is little variety in the music, it’s forgettable but doesn’t detract from the experience. 101 Ways To Die is an average puzzle game. It’s technically sound, looks decent, and has an interesting concept, but a harsh difficulty curve and lack of variety keep it from being more.
Dan MurphyMar 18, 2016
A death simulator which somehow makes killing annoying little Netto minions actually a frustration, rather than the joy it should be. While it can be fun at times, the awkwardness of setting up the levels, lack of atmosphere and character make it a rather underwhelming experience.

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