Xblaze Lost: Memories for PlayStation 3

Xblaze Lost: Memories

Aug 11, 2015
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Developer: Arc System Works
Content Rating: Mature


Play as the enigmatic pink-haired protagonist as she navigates through a weird and wondrous alternate reality with the help of the mysterious Nobody in order to save her sister, who disappeared into this unknown world! While there she is tasked with finding “Memory Fragments”, crystallized memories that not only serve as keys that will help her move on and find her sister, but also uncover the identity and story of the person those memories belong to!

Critic Reviews

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Tyler TreeseAug 11, 2015
If you are already invested in the story having played the original, or just want to jump into the expanded universe of BlazBlue, then there is no reason not to pick up the sequel. That being said, the story isn’t a masterpiece, nor is it one of the best visual novels on the market. But, XBlaze Lost: Memories is a huge step in the right direction for the series, and is a very enjoyable read.
Thom ComptonOct 08, 2015
Xblaze Lost: Memories is definitely not the kind of experience to entice newcomers to the visual novel genre. This was more than likely not the goal, but it feels like a missed opportunity. What's left behind is a complicated story and phoned-in gameplay. Keep in mind, whenever it works, which it mostly does, it is enjoyable, but it never feels like an experience worth revisiting once it's over.
Mattia ArmaniAug 30, 2015
Con Xblaze - Lost: Memories la serie dedicata al passato del picchiaduro BlazBlue compie un evidente passo in avanti dal punto di vista della qualità complessiva e della narrazione, ma non ci troviamo comunque di fronte a una visual novel memorabile. Stereotipi riciclati, un unico finale e meccaniche di contorno poco avvincenti sono un bel peso da portarsi dietro anche se il carico potrebbe risultare sopportabile per i fan del genere e della serie BlazBlue.

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