WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008 for PlayStation 3

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008

Nov 13, 2007

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Developer: Yuke's
Content Rating: Teen


WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 lets players develop the WWE Superstars of today into the Legends of tomorrow. The #1 wrestling franchise in the world delivers more depth and strategy with prominent new features, key annual enhancements and incredible graphics while making its much-anticipated debut on three new video game systems. It’s time to live the life of a Superstar. How will you play?

Critic Reviews

7 Reviews
GREG MILLERNov 01, 2007
The controls are great and make the act of wrestling shine. However, I can't score this game as high as last year's PS2/360 title or pervious installments of the franchise. Single-player 24/7 Mode is a step backward for the series, the Create-A-Superstar and GM 24/7 are basically rehashes of last year's product, and the same complaints we've had for years -- awful AI, lame commentary, poor collision detection -- are still rampant. Plus, the lack of online voice chat saps some of the fun of multiplayer.
jkdmediaNov 29, 2007
While the original formula remains the same year after year, WWE SmackDown Vs. Raw 2008 is still a fun game that does manage to pull off some new moves on the PS3. It would have been great to see something uniquely next-gen for this year’s edition but it’s still a good time for any wrestling fan out there.
Tom OrryNov 15, 2007
In the end, WWE Smackdown! Vs RAW 2008 will sell regardless of its quality, but it's not going to get many newcomers if the series continues to stagnate in what can only be described as last-gen gameplay in new-gen clothes. It's a reviewing cliché, but this is one for hardcore fans only.

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