Wanted: Weapons of Fate for PlayStation 3

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Mar 24, 2009
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Developer: Grin
Content Rating: Mature


Set directly after the events of the film, Wesley continues his transformation into a full-fledged assassin and heir to a legacy of a secret fraternity of assassins. He continues his quest with a new mission to seek out the French chapter of The Fraternity, hunt down The Immortal and finally discover the truth about his family.

Critic Reviews

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Justin CalvertMar 25, 2009
Wanted: Weapons of Fate isn't just a short game; it's an easy one. Checkpoints are scattered liberally throughout each of the linear levels, but given the prevalence of cover and the predictability of enemies, you'll rarely need to use them. Even the unlikely event of running out of ammo doesn't pose a big problem because, if you can get close enough to an enemy to melee him, just a single button press is enough to kill.
Robert VerBruggenMar 24, 2009
In Wanted: Weapons of Fate, Grin has created a definite step forward for the "cover shooter" genre. It features a fast-paced campaign that we had a blast playing. Again, we suspect a rental will give most players all the value they'll get from this game, but all fans of third-person shooters should at least give it a shot.
Hilary GoldsteinMar 30, 2009
I have nothing against short games, so long as there is proper incentive to play multiple times. Wanted lacks any such incentives. Something as simple as an arcade scoring system or in-depth stats might have been enough to make a second playthrough interesting. Even though the first time through is enjoyable (yes, it's fun at times!), there's a real lack of content. This is best as a rental, since you can beat Wanted in one sitting.

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